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Made to Stick by Chip Heath
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Mar 09, 2012

it was amazing
Read in March, 2011

*A book made to stick*

Move over duct tape, the stickiness factor of this book is off the charts. Or, maybe that should be securely stuck to the charts.

What makes Chip and Dan Heath's book so irresistibly sticky? The same factors behind the other winning ideas they deconstruct in their book: it beautifully conveys its message with Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional Stories. [Note: their use of this SUCCESS acronym results in the long-lasting stickiness of the core content of the book.]

The book is so hard to put down--it's as if it's literally sticking to your fingers! The brother-author team offers a cohesive combination of brilliance, creativity, humor, and clarity all rolled into one. Their incredible writing talents serve as the glue that allows the engaging, entertaining, and eye-opening content to stick to each page.

The fun-factor of the book is pretty sticky too. From the getgo, the intriguing teasers in the table of contents for each chapter spark attention (while utilizing the "gap theory of curiosity" ). For example, how could you not want to read more after being intrigued by this shorthand table of contents for Chapter 3?:
"Sour grapes. Landscapes as celebrities. Teaching subtraction with less abstraction. Soap-opera accounting. Velcro theory of memory. Brown eyes, blue eyes. Engineers vs. manufacturers. The Ferraris go to Disney World. White things. The leather computer. Clinic: Oral rehydration therapy. Hamburger Helper and Saddleback Sam."

Not only is reading the stories behind these teasers fun, but the ideas stick long after each chapter is read. It's fun to go back and re-read these teasers and be able to easily recall (and smile at) their corresponding stories. The true stickiness test passes when the content behind these teasers is just as memorable three weeks after reading the book as it was three minutes after. What better proof for stickiness do you need?

_Made to Stick_ is stickier than a roll of duct tape....and way more fun to unravel.
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