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Safeword Matte by Candace Blevins
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Apr 21, 2012

liked it

I would give this 3.5 stars if I could. I liked the couple, I liked the story, I liked the scenes, I thought the writing was good. The girl kinda bugged me a little at times. I don't like when the heroine makes a big deal out of things and really she didn't in this book but there were times when she would say "we need to have a discussion about this" and I felt that a discussion was overboard. And we had to have the whole "oh my, I don't think that is going to fit" discussion which drives me CRAZY in historical romances and even though I don't like it I can at least accept it in a historical romance, but in a BDSM book set in current times???? Stupid. It made me mad actually. And really was it necessary to make the guy hung like a horse literally? I for one don't like that in books - it feels unrealistic and annoying because of all the extra precautions that have to go into the act because of it. Also, the story felt a little too short for me as well, I would have liked to have more - those few things are why I didn't give the book 4 stars.

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