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Mark of the Princess by B.C. Morin
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Oct 09, 2012

it was amazing
I own a copy

Enjoyed it! Loved it! You just can't put it down, and when I finished it I just craved for more.

I enjoyed the story from page one to the end. I find the beginning of the story so refreshing and engaging- it will already show you a glimpse of all the adventures you will experience. The cliffhanger made my cry but I wouldn't have it any other way!! The characters, which are wonderful fairies by the way, took me with them- to their journeys to different kingdoms, battles, chases; they made me experience the magic that love and friendship can offer.

I was in love with the places described in the book. I was like walking and turning my head around and I could see everything. Ms. Barbie describes them all with great details I wish I could visit them for real and I am sure you have to drag me out for I’m never leaving Meira forever! (Then I’ll find Brennus- that is really my first intention).

Brennus? Oh I am not describing him- it’s a strategy, I don’t want to share him, he’s mine!

But you can learn about him yourself by going to TKC’s facebook page. That’s how my addiction with the book started. I loved it even before I read it. The artworks are amazing. Sick! Just like their creators.

This book is for every book lover! Read it and you’ll travel to a wonderful fairy realm.
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Quotes Tina Liked

B.C. Morin
“Alessa looked at Brennus giving him a smirk.
“Still think that you are the God’s gift to all faeries?”
“Still trying to convince yourself that I am not?” Brennus responded smirking arrogantly and leaning back in his chair.”
B.C. Morin, Mark of the Princess

B.C. Morin
“My father will find you and kill you for what you have done.” She said to him solemnly.

Maligo towered over her, a leering smile twisting his dark face.
“You would have to consider yourself lucky if you ever see your father again. Even if it is while he watches me take your life.” He snarled, allowing a haughty smirk creep across his face.”
B.C. Morin, Mark of the Princess
tags: death, evil

B.C. Morin
“She reached for the hilt of her sword, but like a flash he drew the dagger that was at his waist and held it at her throat with his other hand pressed behind her neck.

“Now, now princess, that is not the proper way to behave. I have not even threatened you,” he looked her over, “yet.”
B.C. Morin, Mark of the Princess

B.C. Morin
“She sprinted after him, grabbing him by the shoulder just as she caught up. “I … I am sorry.”

He let out a deep sigh. “As am I.” He yanked his shoulder free and continued walking back inside the castle.”
B.C. Morin, Mark of the Princess

B.C. Morin
“Well, how do we get out of this place?” Evyette’s voice shaking slightly.

“We can’t.” If Kaleb felt any hopelessness he wasn’t conveying it. He looked around arduously, “Unless we find someone willing to help us.”

“Oh well, that should not be a problem at all,” Tristan retorted throwing his hands up, “considering everything so far has tried to kill us!”
B.C. Morin, Mark of the Princess

B.C. Morin
“Alannah?” He held her limp body waiting for a response. “Don’t do this.” He put his hand over the other cut whispering his words and healing it as well. “Alannah?” His voice begged, as he held her face in his hand Still no response. He looked at the ground she had laid on realizing that she had lost a lot of blood. Then from the corner of his eye he saw the rise and fall of her chest and let out a breath he hadn’t realized he was holding. She still lives.”
B.C. Morin, Mark of the Princess

B.C. Morin
“I’m sure I have no idea what you are talking about PRINCESS.” He tilted his head and half curtseyed when he said the last word.

“That! That is what I am talking about. Since we ran into the others you have been cold and more arrogant than usual.” She kept her voice low so the others would not hear.
“Is that so? I would say I was averagely arrogant”
B.C. Morin, Mark of the Princess

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