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Obsidian Butterfly by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Aug 02, 2008

really liked it

This was the last Anita Blake novel worth reading, primarily because of Edward. The rest of the series has been garbage (including Edwards' return. Seriously, what was his body count in the Harlequin, one? Maybe?). I don't have a problem with the sex, but Hamilton has sacrificed that literary device thingy called 'plot' in order to pack the pages with smut. Something happens, they have sex for five hundred pages, then the Ardeur snaps it's fingers and kills the badguy.

In terms of characters it's obvious that Richard is Hamilton's personal dumping ground from everything she's ever felt about her ex-husband, turning the interesting power dynamic present in the first few books into something sad. Also, despite the legions of evil creatures (including the oldest and strongest vampires on the planet) that attack her at every turn, nobody close to Anita ever dies. Hamilton has stated that she loves her characters and will never kill them off, and that childish petulance combined with the almighty Ardeur robs her books of any sense of danger.

Now Blood Noir is out, and though I will reserve judgment until I hear something more specific about it I'm not holding my breath expecting Hamilton to grow up again.
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message 1: by BK (new) - rated it 4 stars

BK Blue I agree. After this one, the series just starts to get really annoying.

Sara Exactly right! Anita is Laurell and Richard is clearly her ex-hub. What she's done to this series is so immature I feel like vomiting on her. It's like she's trying to get back at him by saying "Oh yeah?! Well look how well my vicarious character is doing and look how sad and pathetic your vicarious character is! hahaha! nyaa! :P" sigh.

Jennifer Perfectly said.

Cassie Edward is seriously the only redeeming feature of this book.

Skilly The Ardeur is the biggest mistake she made. That an turning Richard into an asshole. I trudged my way through all of these books skipping all the orgy pages just to see if the storie get better. They don't. Richard isn't even mentioned in some of the books.

Victoria Pimentel Agree with the review and all the comments. Things were going ok until book 10 in which LHK decided, out of nowhere, to give Anita the Ardeur and everything went downhill. Her original love interests were great but then she created Micah--who is clearly supposed to be a Richard 2.0 with a bigger penis and a ''better personality''(we already have one Richard who was perfectly good till you screwed him up)-- and started crazily adding guys to Anita's new harem. Tons of books later Anita has like 20 boyfriends(like really?), all of the original men are either in the background or have changed beyond recognition,Edward's badassness has been killed and I'm just waiting for Olaf to return and hopefully kill lots of people.
Using sex to mask the lack of a plot is something she has been using non-stop. And if you compare the beginning of AB and Nightseer(really good) with her recent works they suck even more because you know what she is capable of :/

message 7: by Sara (last edited Dec 26, 2012 09:18AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sara Victoria wrote: "Agree with the review and all the comments. Things were going ok until book 10 in which LHK decided, out of nowhere, to give Anita the Ardeur and everything went downhill. Her original love interes..."

I super agree. With the last part of what you said, too. Then I remembered something. I don't know if LKH really is capable of what -based on those cited books- she appears to be. There's a rumor that her ex was ghost-writing with her on her earlier stuff. I don't know if the rumor applies to Nightseer (which I agree was really good), but yes for the early ABs.

Shauntee I think this is the point in the series where things started to dip into her M.G. series.

The books resemble a CSI episode. You have an ensembles cast but only Anita can save the day.

I agree that this was a poor use of Richard.

Oh well. Reading more to see how she works the series. :)

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