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People of the Earth by W. Michael Gear
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Jun 28, 12

Read from March 08 to June 28, 2012

An unforgettable gallery of characters makes this ancient saga of North American Indians come alive.

The year is 5000 B.C. Somewhere in the West, ancient Indian tribes are battline for supremacy, lead by competing "Soul Fliers" or shamans, each with a radically different vision for the ages yet to come in North America.

BRAVE MAN -- the power-mad psychopath, whose twisted Vision leads him to kill and rape while dreaming uncanny prophecies of the untold might of the Aztec Empire!

WHITE ASH -- the mother of the people, a vulnerable young woman who was kidnaped as a child, raped repeatedly by enemy warriors, yet nevertheless has the compassion and love for all living things needed to Dream a new way for all the people.

BAD BELLY -- the lovable, crippled misfit who leaves his home village with his dog Trouble, seeking only a way to belong. Instead he discovers danger, terror, and enduring love beyond his wildest dreams.

WIND RUNNER -- the warrior with a heart of gold, he leaves his clan to make a place among strange tribes, only to face a heart-breaking choice between love and honor.

All of the books in the "People" series are unique and different. This one is special because it is the most mystical of the books. All the stories mention Power, the creative force that shapes all living things and is the source of both good and evil. But in this book Power is actually the main character, and all of the action is defined in terms of concepts like the Spiral and the One.

This was a great book, and I would recommend it to any one who is interested in Native Americans, spiritual quests, underdog heroes, or nature. The brutal rape scenes and the graphic violence make it less appropriate for younger readers, however.
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Reading Progress

03/08/2012 page 12
1.97% "5000 B.C. Who is Sage Ghost? And what is his Quest? Boy, does this beat Nora Roberts!"
03/11/2012 page 49
8.06% "Bad Belly is totally the kind of character I can relate to! Imagine Wooday Allen as a Stone Age Indian around 5000 B.C."
03/12/2012 page 56
9.21% "Bad Belly is like Bilbo Baggins!"
03/13/2012 page 60
9.87% "Brave Man is a real jerk -- but in these Native American stories, evil is never just black and white."
03/23/2012 page 113
18.59% "I like Bad Belly, but I doubt if a smart Trader like Left Hand would be so impressed by him. It's like love at first sight!"
03/26/2012 page 116
19.08% "Wolf People on the attack!"
03/27/2012 page 125
20.56% "Bad Belly is just like me! Sure wish I'd had a friend like Left Hand when I was younger . . ."
03/28/2012 page 128
21.05% "White Ash and Wind Runner are so cute together!"
03/29/2012 page 132
21.71% "Go Bad Belly! Go Bad Belly! Go Bad Belly!"
04/02/2012 page 140
23.03% "Brave Man doesn't want to hurt anyone -- but the voices in his head just keep getting meaner!"
04/04/2012 page 144
23.68% "Love thos fossil shark's teeth!"
04/10/2012 page 166
27.3% "Bad Belly has Power! Go Bad Belly!"
04/11/2012 page 166
27.3% "Power is like the Force -- only scarier."
04/16/2012 page 171
28.0% "Bad Belly and Trouble are in danger -- it's embarrassing how much I care about a crippled loser and his dog!"
04/17/2012 page 171
28.0% "Three Bulls acts like such a caveman. Wait a minute -- he is a caveman!"
04/18/2012 page 186
31.0% "Could a one-armed man really rescue a drowning woman from a freezing river and then drag her three miles to a hot spring? Just wondering . . ."
04/25/2012 page 212
35.0% 7 comments
04/26/2012 page 216
36.0% "Die, Green Fire, die!"
05/02/2012 page 250
41.0% "Like Yoda Singing Stones is. Tiresome he grows, yes!"
05/07/2012 page 272
45.0% "Brave Man! Brave Man! Brave Man! He's got the Power -- and he's got Pale Raven. Now if only he wasn't a criminal psychopath . . ."
05/14/2012 page 294
48.0% "Brave Man and Pale Raven are dangerous together!"
05/15/2012 page 302
50.0% "Wind Runner just led his men right through the enemy camp. This book is awesome!"
05/17/2012 page 321
53.0% "Next on Black Point Forum: Will Climate Change spell doom for our way of life?"
05/22/2012 page 347
57.0% "I get that Brave Man is an Aztec in the making -- but his daydreams are more silly than menacing! Feathered headdress?"
05/23/2012 page 356
59.0% "Five Darts and Buffalo Jumps -- just followin' orders!"
05/25/2012 page 375
62.0% "My name is Left Hand. My mind has just been blown!"
05/30/2012 page 395
65.0% "Lame, timid little Bad Belly gets the girl -- someone report these people to Lisa Kleypas!"
06/01/2012 page 408
67.0% "Black Hand dead! The Gathering in turmoil! The plot thickens . . ."
06/04/2012 page 415
68.0% "Brave Man to Flying Hawk: "If you're into evil, you're a friend of mine.""
06/08/2012 page 440
72.0% "Singing Stones gargles red hot coals, punctures arteries just to make a point. Don't try this at home, kids!"
06/13/2012 page 459
75.0% "I wish Tuber could have killed that old bag before they got him!"
06/15/2012 page 479
79.0% "Sage Ghost is a good man. Just hope it doesn't blow up in his face!"
06/15/2012 page 485
80.0% "Wish the damn rattlesnake had killed Still Water and White Ash. Let's end this book already. Go Brave Man! Go Brave Man!"
06/18/2012 page 501
82.0% ""Trouble Man" by Marvin Gaye really sums up how much trouble all these people are in right now!"
06/22/2012 page 536
88.0% "Lunch with the Black Point, and the air heavy with tension. Finally, Brave Man asked the one question on everyone's mind. "Won't this novel EVER END!?!""
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