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Poison Heart by S.B. Hayes
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Mar 08, 2012

did not like it

Gave up on page a hundred and something, so another fair shot at trying to dive into the story, but unfortunately I was left to do all the work when reading this because this story didn't pull me in.

The book is littered with said-bookisms. I am gobsmacked it even got published. And when I say littered, I literally mean LITTERED. It was rare to come across the word "said" and I mean rare. The book is riddled with "I muttered, I whispered, I grunted, I snapped, I responded, I commented, I murmered etc..." And she could barely ever say "I answered" she always had to say "I answered angrily", "I replied sternly", "I asked nervously", "I began tetchily", "I answered flatly", "She shrugged regretfully", "Hannah called impatiently..." Honestly, I could go on forever. It is used way too much and that's all I ever saw. I don't see the story playing out in my mind, well, not as clearly as it could be.

The dialogue tags were so childish that I couldn't concentrate on what the person was actually saying. All I was reading was whether this person was muttering and then the next moment answering forcefully. That's fine, but when it's on every single page in nearly every single dialogue (no joke) it becomes tiresome and irritating.

As for the story, kind of cheesy. The characters were the stereotypical characters. The bubbly best friends and the sweet, innocent protagonist.

I liked how it was set in England (many stories I read are set in America, even though I don't care where it's set but it was refreshing, especially the use of "college" meaning college and not university).

The cover is amazing and, yes, that did sway me to buy it, along with the blurb and the "I'm going to steal your life." So judging by all that, I thought it would be quite gothic, but the only thing disturbing about this book is the mind-boggling amount of pathetically childish dialogue tags.
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Holly i know you dont know who i am and i dont know who you are either but please for my sake , finish the book , because its not good to not finish a book and anyway they're could be a big twist ( hint hint ) and the characters well i cant tell u to much but please jut finish it and even if you dont like it , at least you finished it !!!!! and u know wat they say 3rd time lucky !! If you do decide to read it plz come back to me once you've finished because your opinion could be quite different and as for all the fancy verbs and adverbs , its not like an exam to see if there are to many !!:) plz read it and thanks for your time xx

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You obviously don't have much idea of writing for an effect. All of the phrases used like "I muttered" are used to emphasise how she spoke, making the story more realistic, making it make more sense. It helped you divulge into Katy's feelings. Read on, trust me. Yes, there are some mistakes in the writing -speech marks missed out - bit S.B Hayes is a great author

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