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The House I Loved by Tatiana de Rosnay
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As the shelves tell, although I am "currently" reading (listening?) to this (though I stopped maybe 2 months ago) I most likely won't be finishing it.
I know, you're probably thinking (and I am too), "It's an audiobook, just finish it," but somethings are so bad that you can't even power through them to the end.
This is one of those things.
I'd like to discuss a category, now. A category that explains why I can't finish, and why I hate most things that I do.
This category is known as "Award Bait". Well, that's what I call it.
A definition:
I'm an avid movie watcher, and an avid reader. I do both, all the time, constantly in search of my next favourite book, or film. Most times, I find them. Sometimes, I even find them by accident. But every now and then, in the sea of films and novels, I find a book, or a movie. This book will be....well, it will have a premise, or a synopsis, or a title, just screaming for an award. This book tries and tries to be "deep" and "meaningful", and "tragic".
But what it is is contrived.
Contrived, and pretentious, the author seemingly saying, "look at how DEEP it is, look it! Don't I deserve an award, don't I?! Gimme!"
Tatianna de Rosnay is one of those authors.
Although, she is apparently skilled at writing synopses, because the description of this book had promise. However, basically as soon as I started listening, I realized I had just spent 10.99 on an award-baiting, pretentious, contrived novel.
I listened a little while longer, and then gave up.
The biggest problem was the epistolatory form. This can be done well, by a truly gifted author, although it's uncommon, but unfortunately Tatiana de Rosnay is not that author. The problem comes when you have a passage like this (although, understand, I'm paraphrasing, as it is an audiobook, and I can't exactly flick to the page and cite it)
"I must hurry and finish this my love-"
and then, 5 seconds later,
-she describes her surroundings for 6 minutes.
Does this sound like someone in a hurry to you?
It sounded like sloppy writing to me.
There were other contradictions like this, I'm sure, but I can't recall any off the top of my head at this moment.
Maybe, someday I'll give this another chance.
But don't count on it.h
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message 1: by Blue (new) - added it

Blue I haven't yet read the book, but I'll tell you as a lifelong avid letter writer, I often say "I've really got to go" or ""i'll stop now" and then write another three pages. You think of more, you don't really want to go even if you should, you change your mind---happens to me in almost every real letter.

Barb Maybe audiobook format is not the way to go with this book. I am in the middle of the book and am enjoying it.

Barbara VA I felt the same, repetitious beyond belief, and I wanted to like it.

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