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The Spirit Thief by Rachel Aaron
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Sep 05, 2016

it was amazing
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Read in April, 2012 — I own a copy

Wow. So, I haven't had that much fun with a new book since Witches Incorporated, last year.
(How I explain this series.) Everything has a spirit, every rock, tree, cat, river. Wizards are the ones who can talk to the spirits. Some wizards are enslavers and force the spirits to do their bidding. Other wizards are spiritualists who take spirits as friends/servants and work with them in mutual relationship.
Then there's Eli, who's neither. He just cons the spirits into doing what he wants, like letting him out of prison.

Reader thoughts: This series starts off light-hearted and fun. You read the first book and think little about it except that it was a great story. The second book opens a few more aspects of the world. The third leaves you very curious with just a glimpse into the higher realm of how things work. The fourth leaves you desperate to know what happens and how it all came to be this way and how-did-I-not-know-all-that-in-the-first-book feeling. The fifth was INTENSE. No kidding. So intense I had to set the book down and take a walk around the apartment. Twice.

Original review:
Characters. Not well-developed yet, but I can see how there's plenty of room for me to learn more about them in books to come. They are consistent, and the reader learns about them, just doesn't learn much. It's not a big enough book, though.
Beings. A good plethora, from spirits, Great Spirits, humans, wizards, ghosthounds, and demons (and whatever the Shepherdess is). I hope there will be a few more like the ghosthounds.
Magic. I love the way some people abuse their power and how it's an ethical debate and the different factions and how Eli doesn't side with any of them.
Conflicts. Perfect. With Eli against the King, and the King's brother against the King, and the wizardess against Eli and the King's brother, then enemies of enemies become friends. :)
Pacing. Perfect. Everything happens within a few days, and characters keep acting all at the same time.
Ending. Perfect. Evil destroys the wicked, good character has problems, friend steps in to help, big bad magic goes against big good magic and I won't say more. :)

Writer thoughts: The magic system is very well done and very well defined, what a person could and could not do and how magical strength played into it. RA knows how to keep her world consistent. She knows what beats to hit and when. Her cast is small, focused, and her scale grows more epic. With this series, she delves into character ideas and pasts without lots of inner dialogue. Fascinating how that works.
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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Margolin Tried to find Witches Inc. but can't seem to encounter a book with that name?

Denae Christine Oh, it is by KE Mills, sequel to Accidental Sorceror in her Rogue Agent series. Quite fun, though now I'd be sure to also steer you toward any Brandon Sanderson book (utterly clever, fun, and brilliant). :)

Denae Christine Ah, I should have said Witches Incorporated.

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Margolin Sounds fun, thanks :)

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