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Pandemonium by Lauren Oliver
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At first I didn't want to read this book
It's not because I hated Delirium
I didn't hate it
It was actually one of my favorite books
It was because I thought Alex was dead
The internet kept saying that Alex was dead
People kept saying that Alex was dead
So I went searching some more and came up with this...
ALEX MAY NOT BE DEAD!(view spoiler)

So because of that I decided to chance it and read the book
This book is told in two parts that alternate with each chapter
The Now
and the Then
The Then takes place right after the escape into the wilds. Lena is close to death but is taken in but a group of Invalids who show her how to survive in the Wilds. Oh and by the way...
She thinks Alex is dead

The Now takes place about a year later where Lena is on a mission for the Invalids. She has to fit in with the normal world and attend the DFA meetings (people who are so afriad of the dilira that they want to get rid of it whatever the risks) and keep a close eye on the DFA's leader's son, Julian Fineman. (That gets interesting...)

I liked how it was told in two different parts
Of course at moments it got confusing or I forgot what was happening in the Then
and then there were also those moments when I went
I don't want to read the Then!

I'm probably not making much sense but anyway...
I liked this book
It wasn't as good as Delirium but of course the 1st book is always better than the sequel
and it didn't do a Matched where book 1 was amazing and book 2 was booorrrrriinng!
This book was good
But now time for the irking part....
And guess what?
Book 3 doesn’t come out until AFTER the world ends!!!
(that’s 2013 in case you didn’t know)
Speaking of book 3...
I have a feeling that it's going to have a love triangle -__-
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Cynthia Can't agree more that NOW is so much more exciting and interesting than THEN. Sometime I wish I can keep reading NOW and no need to jump back : )

Monica&spikey I'm not sure our goodreads friendship can survive this.
I'm team Julian.

Jessica (Goldenfurpro) I like Julian but I just have a hard time rooting for him because he was introduced 2nd...

'Sabell i'm surprised how many people abandoned alex for julian. gawd, even lena abandons him...even I knew he didn't die...ouch, betrayal hurts...the third book should have been in lena/alex POV ugghhhh. and i think i'm allergic to julian

Monica&spikey Jessica (Goldenfurpro) wrote: "I like Julian but I just have a hard time rooting for him because he was introduced 2nd...

I know, but Julian has so much more depth! Let's think about it:
Julian was riased to believe that love is wrong, yet he fell in love with Lena and switched sides for her. That was hard for him and it took courage.
Alex was raised to believe that the cure for the deliria was wrong and to convince other people of the same. He may as well have made Lena fall in love with him so she would switch sides.
Also, Julian is nicer than Alex. And I usually like nice boys better than un-nice or less-nice boys.

Don't worry, I like Dylan from Max Ride too, so it may just be silly ol' me.

sh(e)reader You make perfect sense wanting to read the "now" *Ü* (I agree!)

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