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A Fractured Light by Jocelyn Davies
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** spoiler alert ** I didn't really understand the point of this book.
Nothing really happened until the end and even then it didn't really have a point!
It wasn't a boring book, it just didn't have a point!
I understand that this is the middle book in a trilogy though and in all honesty, nothing much ever happens in the middle book so i'm okay with the whole pointless thing I guess.

But here's what I was not okay with...
Skye annoyed me in this book.
I was okay with her in book one but for some reason I didn't like her in this book.
1. I couldn't understand why she kept going back to Devin. Devin is cool and all (I actually like him better than Asher) but he tried to kill her! I don't know about you but if someone tried to kill me, I would avoid them!

And she would be wanting to talk to him and then do a 180 and tell him "YOU TRIED TO KILL ME! GET THE HELL AWAY FROM ME!" (Okay, she didn't exactly say that...)

I'm sorry, Skye. But you seem to be putting off mixed signals.

2. Whenever someone didn't like Asher, Skye would become suspicious.
"Asher is charming. Even the teachers like him."
Skye seemed to think that people were seeing something that she couldn't see in Asher. Like people not liking Asher is some kind of foreshadowing.
No, Skye, there just isn't anyone that everyone likes! Some people are going to have to dislike him!
Apparently, she did have a reason to be suspicious but I still find it ridiculous! Can't someone not like Asher without it being suspicious!

I'll end my rant here...
but this was an okay book.
I'm tempted to give it only 2 stars though :(
I'll still read the 3rd book, when it comes out...
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