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The Marriage Bargain by Jennifer Probst
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Mar 09, 2012

did not like it
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Read on March 07, 2012

Sigh. Ok, first a forewarning. I had higher expectations for this book. I think the rating is more of a 1.5 Stars but I can't decide if the half point is warranted.

The premise reminds me a lot of A Walk in the Clouds or The Proposal. A couple that needs a marriage to get something they need. In this case, Nick, a handsome billionaire architect, needs a wife in order to collect his shares of his late uncle's company. And Alexa, who needs money in order to save her family's home...

We dive right into their agreement to marry for business purposes only. No lead up, no BS, just dive head-first into it. I could pretty much determine how the story would play out 25% into the book. I HATE when I can predict. I'd much rather be thrown a curve ball...keep me on my toes!

Honestly, the book progressed so quickly, by the time I finished I was still...dumbfounded. Don't get me wrong, their relationship was adorable. Having been friends as kids, it was easy to connect why they would get along as adults. I just wanted so much more. I love when things end with a happy ending (ok, most of the time I do) but this one just had too big of a "big red bow" ending for me. It worked out far too easily.

Any speed bump that came their way, ended before it had a chance to really cause some drama. And that's what we ultimately want in a good book right? We want that moment where you're so frustrated that the story is out of control...that moment where you want to chuck the book out the door but you're too afraid to put it down. I just wanted more "meat" on the bones of what is Nick and Alexa.

I guess my expectations were a little high for this book. Mainly because I'm a sucker for two people, who are unlikely in every way, fall in love. I just wish I had more substance when it came to their relationship. It was almost like reading a Clif-Notes version of a developed story.

In reality, the whole book felt like it was a highlight real. It was cute, a little sappy and all predictable.
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Laura Hi Shannel! Will you let me know how you like this one? I might pick it up soon! :)

Shannel Hi! I finished it last night...I'm kind of disappointed by it :(. Full review to come.

Laura Oh, no! One star!!! Eeek! Looking forward to your review! I bought it yesterday! haha...

Shannel You may like it. I think I had too high of expectations. Hah.

Desireedenato I think the book is romance and relies heavily on the sexual tension. That is the point, so the plotline and the character development take second seat. But, it was a cute read. Try The Opportunist by Tarryn Fisher. I just read that one and if you love the "doomed lovers" concept, you will REALLY enjoy it.

Shannel I agree. I don't even think there was a lot of tension. It could have been developed better.
And thank you for the recommedation! I'll have to check that one out :)

♥Shredded Book Reviews♥ I gave it three stars, but I want to give it two so bad because of the ending. It was rushed! So much tension and the plot kept building...For what? Nothing. Problems were resolved in a matter of two pages or so. Not happy about this one. I agree completely!

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