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Jun 04, 2012

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I give the author some serious recognition for what he was working to do. Retelling mythologies is very difficult and tedious work (I would assume). There are parts of this book that I loved and parts that were not my favorite. So here it goes:


-Knowledge: The author actually inserted sections or excerpts of the real myth. This added a knowledge base to help me understand the story better. If he had not provided that background information, I would have been lost on some things. This also allowed the reader to tell how his retelling differed from the real myth. I felt like I had a better understanding of Norse mythology after reading this.

-Imagery: There are times, especially when Thor is in the story, that the imagery is beautiful. I copied a section out of the book and made it a quote on GR because it was so good.


-Pacing: The story is flat for all but one small part. There is a peak when Thor kills a giant, but before and after that it is flat (I actually fell asleep a few times). The down side to retelling a myth (especially since he provides synopsizes) the reader know what is going to happen. The author needed to do something special to build tension and turn pages.

-Language: I feel like in his attempt to retell a myth, he was sucked into the trap of writing like an old bard. The over use of simile and metaphor may have caused much of his pacing issues. There is also a redundancy of facts. The problem is that bards were orators and the dynamism of their style lies in the telling of the story. They would repeat facts because they had new people who had not heard the story and others who needed to remember those facts for future generations or religious purposes. Redundancy was built in so oral traditions would carry on. It makes for a boring book though.

Over all, it was an okay book. I do not really have much to say. I almost wish the author would have been a bit freer in the retelling. I wish he would have executed Odin’s plan for Ragnarok like he was a master mind heist story. Mythologies are better for inspiration rather than actual rewrites (unless you are studying mythology). I gave it 3 stars because of the knowledge I felt I gained. If I had been familiar with the myths already, it probably would be a 2 star book.

***DISCLAIMER: I do not actually know the real myths that well; so when I say “real myth,” I am assuming that he wrote those as synopsizes from a credible source.
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Mike Vasich
“Without hesitation, Thor Flung Mjolnir from h is hands. The hammer smashed into the giant's face, and reeled with the force. Lightning crashed down, striking the hammer, and Tyr saw Thor's features lit up, his red beard giving the brief impression that his face was on fire. Mojlnir, glowing red hot, returned to Thor's outstretched hand, and he sent it out again, once more smashing into the giant's head. Smoke rose up from where it had hit flesh, and there was a hissing as the rain cooled down the boiling skin.”
Mike Vasich, Loki

Reading Progress

03/15/2012 page 45
12.0% "this is much more like reading a myth than i thought it would be. I thought it would be more like the movie thor, where the myth moves into the real world (and it still may). Good, but different than i was expecting."
03/22/2012 page 65
17.0% "the author interjects small chapters of basic myths, kind of like an info dump. I'm glad he does it though, because otherwise some of this stuff would be wierd. This really is a re-telling of a myth."
03/27/2012 page 100
26.0% "didn't keep my intrest as well as i hoped. its on hold for after Fear and Loathing."
04/19/2012 page 110
29.0% "After reading the last ten pages i have realized the error of my ways. May the Thunderer stay his mighty hand from Mjolnir and allow me to finish this book."
05/01/2012 page 143
38.0% "This story is back to being slow again. I'm kind of pushing through this now. Some parts are amazing some parts drag."
05/08/2012 page 193
51.0% "the pacing in this book is terrible, but the use of similes and metaphors is fantastic. Just like reading old myths (which also have poor pacing)."
05/17/2012 page 268
71.0% "Fenrir wolf was a pretty nasty bad guy. It was refreshing. A lot of the book is gods mumbling and complaining or doubting the All Father. It was a nice change to have a nasty bad guy jump in and make them think about something else."
05/24/2012 page 83
22.0% "There are some very jarring perspective changes that don't have any indicators. One paragraph is one POV, next paragraph is another. Ragnarok is begining and the author does not stray from good old fashioned viking violence."
05/24/2012 page 314
83.0% "woops messed up my page count (stupid kindle app on phone only works in %)"

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message 1: by Kristen (new)

Kristen I read like the first few kindle pages on my phone (since I got my amazon account workring again...). How far are you? Are you enjoying it?

B.C. i only got through the first couple of paragraphs because someone sat with me at lunch so i didn't get to read. pesky human interaction

message 3: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Darn them! lol. There are so many books I want to start reading...but I'm already reading so many and can't get through any of them. And Bewitching should show up this week!

message 4: by Jubilation Lee (new)

Jubilation Lee So all in all, would you recommend it so far? I am being so tempted by the cover but it's getting mixed reviews!!

B.C. I don't know, i'm still kind of torn. To be honest it is kind of like reading a text book. I feel like the author is very intelegent, but the pacing is very flat. Not a lot of peaks or valleys, just kind of a flat line. Thor's intro blew my mind, i loved it, but then it went flat again. I've fallen asleep numerous times reading this book, but I also feel like I've got a better feel for the Norse mythology (though it is a retelling, not an exact match).

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