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Insatiable by Meg Cabot
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Apr 01, 2013

really liked it
bookshelves: vampires, romance, paranormal, local-library, adult, reviewed
Recommended for: ppl interested in a more cynical take on vampire romances
Read from August 01 to 03, 2012

I actually really enjoyed this although I didnt expect to. I like the predictable PNRs. Girl meets vampire, girl falls for vampire, vampire risks all for girl, HEA. Once I realized that this was not going in that direction, I got a little worried. But I ended up really enjoying it anyways. No, this was more like girl meets vampire, girl falls for vampire, vampire terrifies, terrorizes, and incinerates dozens of ppl in an attempt to protect girl, girl runs from vampire, vampire stalks girl. Haha, he definitely has a darker side. Its not all fluff and hearts and sparkles, but I still really enjoyed Lucien's character. He was intense, but sweet. There was a reason Meena fell for him in the first place. A complete prince charming when he wants to be. Although the romance did happened rather quickly. They had sex the day they met, and again the next day.

I also really enjoyed Alaric. When his character was first introduced I thought he would be some sort of villain, being a vampire hunter and all. But he was a tentative ally. Like Lucas and Balthazar in Evernight. He was funny in his completely arrogant and self-centered way. He thinks so highly of himself and his money and his silk bath robe. But he was still entirely lovable. I wish Meena could just have them both. :P Yes, his name is Alaric, like the vampire hunter in The Vampire Diaries, which I dont think is ironic, but a bit annoying and way too obvious. Also, Meena was the name of the heroine in Dracula, for those who didnt already know that.

I actually didnt like Meena that much. She seemed like such a flake. Both Lucien and Alaric love how she is so different from anyone they have met before. She is always saying or doing things that surprise them. When Lucien first met her he actually thought she might be crazy, literally crazy. She might have just had ADD or something. Lucien could read minds and he still had no idea what she was talking about half the time. It made her come off as ditsy and stupid to me. Like she really didnt understand what was going on around her. But she writes for a TV show so she cant be stupid.

I heard that Overbite wasnt nearly as good as this one, but I am still excited to read it and find out what direction the story will take. Will Lucien come back and convince her he is worth the risk? Or will she end up with Alaric? Like I said, I like predictable PNRs, where Meena would end up with Lucien and live happily ever after. But as long as the ending isnt sad I dont mind different or unexpected sometimes. Thats why I enjoyed Eden and Wicked Lovely so much.
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Quotes Rebecca ♥ Matrim, Kishan, Magnus ♥ Liked

Meg Cabot
“I like 'em big. And stupid. Don't tell my husband.”
Meg Cabot, Insatiable

Meg Cabot
“She hadn't slain the dragon. Not at all. She hoped no one ever would.”
Meg Cabot, Insatiable

Meg Cabot
“I will love you, Meena," he said fiercely, "until the end of time. I will never stop loving you. My life, before I met you, was nothing. Can you understand that? My life was nothing, meant nothing, even if I may not have known it. And then you came along, and suddenly, everything I knew, or thought I knew, was turned upside down. I will never be the same again. How could I be? You have shown me what it is to love, to feel and laugh and, yes, even to feel alive again. So whether you choose to be one with me or not, I will go on loving you, Meena, even after you are a rotting corpse in the ground. But, Meena, I would like to do whatever I can to prevent you from turning into a corpse. I think I mentioned that before.”
Meg Cabot, Insatiable

Meg Cabot
“I hope they know how lucky they are to have you. But that doesn't mean I will ever stop trying to have you for myself. You know as well as I do, Meena, that we belong together. I hope that day will come sometime soon. In the meantime: truce.
With all the love in my heart, Lucien”
Meg Cabot, Insatiable

Meg Cabot
“Every moment away from you feels like time spent in a sort of cell. I can think of nothing, dream of nothing, but you. Unfortunately, I will have to remain in my self-inflicted prison a bit longer, since work will keep me from meeting you tonight. I can't seem to find a way to avoid this... however, I hope this gift will make up for my unforgivable behavior. I saw this and though of you, and St. George. You have slain the dragon.
Until we meet again, I am your Lucien.”
Meg Cabot, Insatiable

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