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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
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Aug 01, 08

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Read in June, 2003

It was pretty good and very long, though it had that usual annoying way of explaining everything at the end. Everyone was bent out of shape before it came out wondering who was gonna die. Heh.

I'm very, very tired of everyone keeping Harry in the dark on purpose so there can be this big revelation at the end--how many times has this kid fought the Dark Lord and won, after all? Give him some cred! And I found a very dumb inconsistency.

Oh, and Dolores Umbridge? What a jerk.
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Matt Mazenauer Very dumb inconsistency?

Swankivy Yes. I seem to recall it had something to do with Harry finding out that his godfather had left him a mirror with which he could communicate with the Order. It makes no sense to me that he would continue to use the risky fireplace portal in Umbridge's office to talk to the members of the Order if he had the mirror. The first time, he wouldn't have known that he had the mirror because he only found it in his trunk at the end of the book, but since Sirius was one of the people to talk to him the first time he communicated through the fireplace and everyone was all alarmed that he was taking the risk, you'd have THOUGHT Sirius might've said "Hello, you're kind of an idiot--use the damn mirror!" "What mirror?" "Ohhhh." But no. No one says anything and then he ends up doing the risky thing AGAIN (and getting caught).

This is what happens when you have an author who does everything she can to make all her red herrings fool you and mask the real plot. She seems to care about this more than she cares about story continuity and characters making sense . . . it bothers me that nobody ever seems to want to tell Harry ANYTHING, and if he wasn't so damn headstrong and didn't disobey his elders at every turn, he'd probably be dead several times over. . . .

Matt Mazenauer Yeah, the mirror thing bothered me too, like you said, that Sirius didn't tell Harry to use it.

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