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Midnight by Dean Koontz
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Mar 06, 2012

This was the very 1st Koontz book I ever read, and from the nanosecond I read the opening passage on Page 1 until I reached the last sentence on the last page, I couldn't put it down - not even to save my own life! Hands down, It was one of the most excrutiatingly suspenseful novels I'd ever read (or ever will read)! The world's leading authority on nanotechnology decides to use his genius to "improve" the mental capacity of the entire human race to the Nth degree by pumping every last man, woman, and child on Earth full to the gills with his nano-machines...because he's wealthy as all get-out, he can afford to bribe the police force in his own home town to be his 'hired muscle', to restrain the rest of the town's citizens (his unwilling 'beta test subjects') so he can see how they react to the sudden infusion of nanobots in their systems (and correct any flaws that might pop up), before doing likewise to the rest of humanity, but there's one problem he didn't - and couldn't - anticipate: instead of acheiving the intended result (his nanobots rewriting the test subjects' brain chemistry to upgrade them from normal human beings to hyper-intelligent brainiacs), the nanos do exactly the opposite: they rewrite the test subjects' DNA, based on their deepest, darkest, most freakishly animalistic desires, transforming them all into monsters the likes of which even their own worst nightmares couldn't conceive! The few townspeople lucky enough to escape being forcibly subjected to this gruesome experiment soon find themselves trapped in an endless maze of ever-escalating horror, where a different (and more terrifying) death waits around every corner...all too ready, willing, and able to greedily eviscerate the next unwary victim that comes along; this nanotech nightmare is made exponentially more frightening by the fact that the entire town was very close-knit, with everyone being friendly and neighborly to each other - until the mad doctor took them all on a personally guided tour of the dizzying variety of levels upon levels within levels of Hell itself! Read Dean Koontz's "Midnight"...like all of his books, it'll scare your socks off - even if you're barefoot!

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