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Wrath by Laurann Dohner
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Fresh off of a streak of Lora Leigh, and the seriously dark and twisted R.Lee Smith, I realized it had been a while since I could really let my brain go with a book. I needed some lighter fare that would be easier on my psyche. Lucky for me, Wrath had just been released, and I quickly downloaded it to my kindle. And I have to say, it delivered, in every way I expected it to:

*Bad dialogue, awkwardly written conversations, like this little gem:
"I like the name Shadow. I like to stand still and watch others."
"You will be my mate and do as I ask by taking me to Bill. You no longer belong to him and will carry my scent."
*A gruff, possessive alpha hero with issues
*A kind-hearted, boring-as-hell "everyday career woman" heroine
*The hero's likeable best friend who will surely be getting a book of his own
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All in all, these books are starting to become more of a chore to read, I've decided. I think I still read them because I've read every one in the series so far, so it feels sort of like an obligation now. The storyline is not moving along at all, and each new book plays exactly the same. The dialogue is childish, overly simplistic, and awkward. It stood out a lot in this book, and frankly, makes the New Species look mentally deficient. They all sound child-like and cavemanish when they speak. They have simple minds and simple personalities. I almost find it kind of insulting to men, to be honest. I'll probably read Tiger, but if that too sucks, I'm declaring myself over this series.

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Laura ~~ Bells Great review. I really couldn't believe how bad this book was...the dialogue, the characters, the plot. 80% of the book was just cringe-worthy. And you're spot on with your Amanda criticisms...that scene was just so ridiculous and absurd and WAY over the top!

Heather Thanks! Yeah, I barely made it through this one and almost didn't finish it. The poor quality of the writing really stood out to me in this one. Ugh and god forbid, if she writes a book about Amanda and Flame, I probably won't be reading it.

message 3: by Hexe (new) - rated it 1 star

Hexe Thank you - it is exactly what I think about this book - and I LOVE the first 3 books. The idea arround the NS is really appealing, but it's potential is so wasted as the books are all the same. The worst in this one are those two (almost) rape scenes. Such scenes are in all of her books and I'm quite ok with them. But here she presented someone who was supposed to be one of the good guys and suddenly turns into an insane villian. On top of that there was made an attempt to excuse his hideous behaviour and no indication that he will be punished for it. So wrong!

Heather Yeah, I think this was the weakest book in the series as of yet. The (attempted)rapist NS guy being excused because he lost his mate, was a little too much, indeed. It's funny, I reviewed this book on amazon as well (my handle on there is shyviolet) and someone commented on it and said that LD's fans love her books for the same reason that I don't love them: they are predictable. And not only that, she also said that her fans love the fact that her characters are so simple, and that they are interesting enough without any real defining personality traits. I was kind of shocked at that. I lost a little faith in humanity that day.

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