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Erasing Time by C.J. Hill
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Mar 06, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: ya-scifi, ya-time-travel
Read in November, 2012

If I had to sum up my reaction at the end of this novel in one word it would be: “Huh?”

Now granted, I am not that big a fan of science fiction novels. And I don’t think I’ve read a time travel novel before this one, but the premise sounded cool and the twin spin kinda sucked me in a bit. But having finished this, I’m not entirely sure what I think about Erasing Time.

I think what first struck me as I didn’t expect Sheridan and Taylor to be so un-twin like. I figured these two would be the normal twins (bonded, partially psychic, etc.), but CJ Hill threw me for a curb when I learned very quickly these two were actually quite antagonistic towards one another. The other thing I wasn’t sure about was our lead guy—Echo. There’s something about wildly different colored hair that I just can’t accept in a story. I think it’s because I like to “cast” a book as I read it, and I can’t think of any blue-haired guys off the top of my head.

There were also a lot of unexplained things in the first half. Now, I understand leaving some things unexplained to entice the reader, but so much else was happening, I just felt frustrated by it all. Frequently. Yes, most of these things were eventually explained, but it felt like it took forever to get there,

All that being said, though, I can appreciate what Hill was going for. As a whole, the book is quite fascinating. I would love to see what society looks like 400 years in the future, but I don’t think I would like staying there forever. Everything Hill proposes in Erasing Time is something I could see happening in time. It was only when I got bogged down in the details of the story that I felt confused and uneasy.

I’ll be curious to see what happens in the next installment in the series. Yes, there were flaws in this (to me, at least), but this was very much book one in a series. There was a ton of world-building and character establishment to be done in a small timeframe. I think I’ll be better able to gauge the story and series once I can read book 2.

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