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New Moon by Stephenie Meyer
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Aug 01, 2008

it was ok
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Read in August, 2008

...what is there to even say?

I liked about 80% of this book. Liked as in actually sort of kind of enjoyed it. I mean, yeah, it was still redundant and Bella was still pathetic, but I like Jacob, and I actually liked the werewolf storyline. It's too bad that Bella and Edward aren't broken up for the rest of the series. Or that they aren't, you know, murdered and put out of their own misery. Alas, Edward comes back and INSTANTLY the novel goes from pretty decent to MOTHERFUCKING RIDICULOUS. This was definitely an improvement from the Twilight, but it's hard to say you "liked" a book when it ends and all you want to do is grab the main character by the neck and throw her around. Here are just a few of my problems with New Moon:

01) After realizing that the group of people she just passed by (and can now hear screaming) are being MURDERED, Bella comments, "I knew it was stupid to react like this. Who knew how much time I had to look at this face? He was saved, and I was saved, and he could leave me as soon as we were free. To have my eyes so filled with tears that I could not see his features clearly was wasteful -- insanity." That may be the only truly SANE reaction she has to ANYTHING. People just DIED, woman! It's okay to be upset. Edward's face actually isn't more important than that. I'm convinced she is in fact mentally ill.

02) She's a shitty ass friend. 'Nough said. Jacob dun need that.

03) She'd let Edward turn her into a vampire in a heartbeat, but is afraid of what her mother would say if she MARRIED him. Uh...!??!?! I almost lost my shit reading that part.

04) Honestly, I don't know how she wasn't suicidal before she met Edward. He's her only interest. What did she do before she met him?

I think they need to carry the Romeo & Juliet comparison out completely. I won't be satisfied until both of these idiots are dead and gone. I hope that's how Breaking Dawn ends, but, Lawd help me, I may have to read to find out.
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message 1: by M (new) - rated it 3 stars

M I agree very much with your comments.

Bella is so annoying.
That said, I will probably finish the series.

Paula Couldn't agree more. And your use of expletives made me giggle. :)

Suzieana You don't know how glad I am to find people who share my sentiments about this book!

I also feel stupid for investing my hard-earned money and precious time on this book, even after reading horrible reviews about it. I can't believe I bought into the hype!

Jacob is the ONLY reason why I kept on reading. But after I read that Bella was flying to Italy to save Edward, I decided to hell with this and just put the book down. You won't see me reading the book again :P

Caitlin haha....very funny! and I completely agree!

Sarah Romero LOL! Took the words right from my head!

message 6: by B (new) - rated it 3 stars

B I agree with your comments.

Brenda LOL, I loved your review! I couldn't stand Bella in this book either, gag. And I too, almost lost it when she freaked about him asking her to marry him. Give me a f*cking break. She wants eternity but not marriage that's too scary. Apparently she doesn't actually know what true love is then, does she?

Kelly Brennan I agree! But I really like number know if Bella had a backstory or a reason for leaving Arizona, like,she was mentally I'll and depressed and after nearly killing herself decides making herself more isolated and depressed will help her mental would explain ALOT.

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