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By Schism Rent Asunder by David Weber
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Mar 06, 2012

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This was a Weber book. His personal story thumbprints were all over it. And it was totally hypnotic and I lost a ton of sleep to it, because the story just zips along. The characterization is about par. The story, well... I think if it occurrs on a planet far far away, we could maybe FILE THE DAMN SERIAL NUMBER OFF. Earlier in the book I said it was O HAI REFORMATION? Yeah, it is, and the Big Bad Evil church is not even disguised. They have priests and bishops and mass and all the things a person expects from the actual historical Holy Mother Church. Which was irritating, because although there were bones thrown to the good guys in the church, there weren't a lot, and it ended up feeling like an anti-Catholic polemic, even if it wasn't meant as such.

If you liked the empire-building in the Belisaurius books, you may enjoy this (different authors, similar feel). If you are interested in war-by-trade, it's not bad. If you wanted more Heirs of Empire, this is the series for you.
Avoid if you are allergic to anything that looks like religion, if you are bored by empire-building, or if you are vulnerable to losing sleep to books that are gripping but not great.

Will be buy the next one? Yup. But I wish I found Tor as easy to buy ebooks from as Baen. I buy ebooks, I buy paper books, I buy the same book twice, and everyone wins.

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