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Dark Slayer by Christine Feehan
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Mar 06, 2012

it was amazing

finally here is a woman in a carpathain story who is just as bad as the rest of the males. its about the infamous Ivory Malinov, the young girl thought to have been killed. left for dead and with the help from some furry friends and mother nature she survives a horrible ordeal and lives with one purpose. to kill Xavier the evil mage responsible for her unspeakable attack. She finds a male laying in the woods. He is Razvan. Branded a criminal, detested and feared, he has managed to free himself from Xavier and intends to meet the sun before he can get caught again. She saves him and nurses him back to health and knows he's been held prisoner all this time with Xavier possessing his body at will to do evil things. they are lifemates. she defends him to the prince and the scary Gregori. Finally they come to a shaky truce and Ivory (a one time student of Xavier) and Razvan who remembers every evil spell Xavier ever did work tirelessly to try to save Gregori's unborn children. Later Ivory and Razvan go to have their final confrontation with Xavier once and for all. this chick is awesome. she don't put up with crap from no one! she gets pissed off on razvan's behalf most of the time when he just lets it go. she is certainly not your normal carpathian chick. when she meets gregori and the prince for the first time in centuries they want to be all protective male and crap and even when she stands there injured she's ready to fight to the death unless they leave her be. razvan, ready to die just so he can help ivory holds the prince hostage so ivory could get her injuries fixed. I enjoyed it more than the others cuz there just seemed to be more action and hey I love butt kicking female characters
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