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Intangible by Jen  Meyers
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Mar 07, 12

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Intangible is a well-written, thrilling story about a pair of twin's lives that was about to change because of their nature and gifts.

When Luke - who could See the future - had a vision, it was usually a bad thing. And this time was not an exception, especially when it was his twin sister's fate that he Saw: Sera's death. Even worse, he can't even do a single thing to change the future. Sera was a Healer - someone who had a gift to heal any kind of illness - and it was because of that gift that her life would be ending soon. That is, if Luke didn't do anything about it.

More problem arise when Sera unintentionally caused trouble with a vampire clan in her town. Plus the arrival of a mysterious red-headed guy that seemed to have a strange attraction with Sera and an immunity from her gift.

Life couldn't get more messed up than that.

I find the beginning was a bit slow. Things heated up only after the halfway through the book.

I loved the character's personalities. It was amusing seeing how the twins siblings behave around each other. Luke was very protective of his twin's safety. He was the mature one while Sera was so naive, innocent and trusts people too easily. They were similar yet different with their contrasting personalities. And they have an odd sense of humor - that's a plus.

Some characters went through major personality change, I noticed. I find the development of their relationships a bit too fast for the book. I think the author sort of rushed the story at some point. Maybe.

Though I've came across many book that used similar gifts / supernatural talents, the ones in Intangible left a more significant impression. I liked the change the author made to the supernatural talents. The oddity should seem out-of-place yet the author pulled it off quite well by utilizing them at appropriate times.

I admit I had mixed feelings regarding the constantly changing POVs. A part of me liked knowing everyone's thoughts and feelings yet on the other hand, I don't. I mean think about it: you knew what everyone was thinking and feeling. I don't like it very much when it tells you everything that's going on. I think it kinda ruins the fun and surprises.

Although, in contrast to what I'd said, despite the changing POVs, there are even more surprises and twists in the story. The bigger and more important secrets.

I find that the author had the tendency to tease her readers. Or was it just me? You can never really know what to expect in Intangible. Expect the unexpected. There were times when things are a bit slow and 'flat'. But when there are actions, you'll surely experience a roller coaster ride full of suspense and thrills.

Also, the romance scenes, in my honest opinion, seemed a bit out of place here. I definitely wouldn't mind if the author put in more action and maybe another plot twists here and there. Like at the ending when Luke's other vision came true, I was a bit disappointed. But then again, anyone sane would freak when *spoiler* you were kidnapped by the Mother of all Vampires and were tortured by her after being left behind in that hell of a place, then finding out that the 'things' that you worked for were really the ones who caused all your pains, all the while knowing that your girlfriend and her brother were the ones who caused these problems / troubles / bad luck. *spoiler* What could possibly be worse than that?

And then there's this cliffhanger exactly at the ending of the book. Really. The author really is such a tease, I tell you. I know she'd probably be expecting something like, "OMG. What in the universe is this!? I need to know what's going to happen to them!!!!!11!!1" or " Holy Shit, I'm dead. I want the second book now or somebody's going to pay for this!" or "The feelings I'm feeling right now.. Sob. I guess I'll be stalking someone's website now," or something along those lines. Well, guess what? That's exactly what I did and am going to do. Not the threatening or stalking part obviously. You get what I mean.


I really enjoyed reading Intangible. It's a lovely read - I would definitely recommend it to my friends - and, you guessed it, I'll patiently be waiting for the second book. So, goodbye for now and I'll see you again soon!

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