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Sleeping with Paris by Juliette Sobanet
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Mar 06, 12

Read from March 05 to 06, 2012

I can't decide if I really like this book, simply like it, or don't like it...and here's why:

I really like this book because: I've been through something similar. Having been in a committed relationship with plans on getting married, only to find out that he was cheating on me was seriously depressing. Furthermore, because we ran in the same circles, it was impossible not to see him often and have the situation thrown back in my face, so I definitely know what it feels like. Plus after studying French for 5 years, it was nice to see bits of it throughout the book :).

What I liked: she tried to get over it. She got to go to a fabulous country and live out one of her life-long dreams. Even when she was busy "dating like a man" she didn't take it too far, and still had her own slightly off-kilter moral compass. I also liked that, at the end of the story, she came to (many) life changing realizations and acted upon these newly found epiphanies.

What I didn't like: was that for most of the book she was selfish and couldn't think further then her own semi-destructive behavior. I think the blog was a brilliant way to let out the emotions and the steam, and a decent coping method. I don't even mind that she almost whored it out. I do mind that she was so self-absorbed that she waste most of her precious and limited money on wine and eating out, completely disregarding her goals of going to school and making a good impression on her mentor/guidance counselor. I was also extremely annoyed at her lack of forethought when it came to meeting with Madame Rousseau: missing their first meeting, being late to their second meeting (this is sort of excusable), forgetting to schedule an appointment (seriously, I've written a thesis and had to schedule appointments monthS in advance), falling asleep outside Madame Rousseau's office, etc. You are a grown woman. No excuses.

Lastly, I suppose I am annoyed with the protagonist because she kept falling back into her rut. She would get out and realize that she was living her dream and then go back to wallowing in her misery while destroying all the good things she had left in her life. Yes, I realize it's depression (having gone through it myself), but she could have been so much productive. She could have used all her free time not dating/falling in love to get the most out of school and living in Paris. But, then she wouldn't have created all those disasters for herself and wouldn't have learned a lesson, I guess. And, this might be petty, but it really bothered me that Luc told Charlotte to meet him at 7h (7 oclock) but in France they use standard (or Army) time, so it really should have said 19h, n'est pas?

Overall good read with funny moments. I think it's much easier for the reader to realize things, no matter how relatable the character is, much faster than Charlotte does. ***SPOILER*** For instance, it is quite obvious that Luc has a daughter and even more obvious that Charlotte has feelings for him. The ending was mostly predictable - you knew it was going to happen, you just weren't sure how long it would take.
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