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Stealing Parker by Miranda Kenneally
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Nov 08, 2012

liked it

I loved Catching Jordan, so it was great to be able to return to their world again in Stealing Parker. This was a cute, light read that had a couple good life lessons in it and some sweet romance. The story reminded me a great deal of Catching Jordan in the sense that the girl starts out thinking things are going to be one way and later discovers they'll turn out quite different.

Unlike Parker, I really didn't like Brian, even at the beginning. Although I don't think their ages were that big of an abstacle, despite the fact that she is a student and he a new teacher... she's around 18 and he's 23. I can see that if they hadn't been student/teacher, there probably wouldn't have been a problem. But no... my lack of liking for him just came from the fact that he was not what he appeared. A nice 23 year old guy might have been a good match for a mature 18 year old girl... but this guy wasn't quite like that.

I really liked how the romance in this story developed. It was a slow progression that kind of snuck up on both me and Parker. To me, one of the best kinds of romance. I loved her relationship with her of my favorite aspects of the story... but I also loved how Parker is the way she is because of her past. It made so much sense and was some really great characterisation. I was a little irritated with Luke at his reaction near the end, though. I felt he should have understood her a little better.

Overall, I really liked this story and enjoyed reading it. Another winner by this author. Looking forward to seeing what she comes up with next.

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