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Sphere by Michael Crichton
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Mar 09, 12

I read a book called sphere for a science term project. I actualy liked it alot more than I thought that I would. i read it every chanse that I got to read it for the next month and it turned out to be amazing. I loved it because i love science and the mystery. some parts I didn't like though that were in different parts of the book. it would have been better if the book didnt have those parts but it was good over all.

In the beggining of the book it stars with a confused man named Norman Johnson and starts to explain what has happened so far. He has been sent to the navy and they wnat tell him what is going on right then. they tell him that what he will see and hear he cant tell any one else or he will go to federal prison. they tell him that a space craft has crashed there and that they need him since he has experience with crashes.

the begginning of the book is very mysterious. this made me want to read this book even more than before. This book had so many twists and turns as the book progressed. the navy brings them down to a under sea lab and they investigate the space ship. the ship it shelf was covered in a lot of coral. after studying the coral they found out that it had to have to have crashed 300 years ago. it also had no damage done to it what so ever. the strangest part is that when they find the entrance it is writen in american english.

they Keep studying the ship and find the open button. the stuff they find in the ship is incredibble but I dont want to tell you what they find or that would ruin the whole book. they do swear alot in the book though. and they also do some stuff that I wish I hadn't read. So I wouldn't recomend this book to any one younger than I am. other than some stuff they do the book is still pretty good.

the book itshelf was good. it was one of the best books I have ever read because it was mysterious and told how they waould do things under water in detail. Im glad that Iread this book for my term project because it was a book i liked instead of a book i was reading just a book i was forced to read. I suggest this book to people who like futureistic sciene and to people who like mystery stories

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Josiah Well, I'm 11 and have read at least 100 " Things I didn't want to read"

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