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The Invisible Man by H.G. Wells
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Mar 05, 12

really liked it

Jonathan Mora

The book “The invisible man” by H.G. Wells presents that not all people with a mysterious and strange background are not intimidating. Every person has there own character. The invisible man arrives at a inn while a snowstorm takes place. When I first started reading the book I didn’t get it much but understanding clearly is someone who very mysterious trying to hide himself to find a way to turn back to normal. In the book everyone is afraid of him because no one knows who he is and avoids the strange man. The inn that he stays at is called The Coach and Horses with a inn taker called Mrs. Halls, who is curious about his presence. The invisible man demands to be alone because he doesn’t want people to know that he doesn't have a physical body.
The invisible man comes at the inn with a over coat, gloves, glasses, a hat, and bandages covering his face. He wants to be left alone because he is trying to find a antidote for his condition. In the book he gives off a sense of intimidation and anger when trying to approach him. He is covered in bandages to cover his face and gloves to hide his hands; the inn keeper Mrs. Halls tries to talk with the invisible man because she thinks the bandages explain a tragic accident. The reason why he demands to be left alone is he research of finding a way to return to normal and not to reveal his true identity. He doesn’t give any kind of fear when Mrs. Halls tries to get more friendly with him. She starts a story with someone she knows who had a horrible accident and was wrapped in bandages. He gives a chuckle of how he ended in an “accident” but after talking his sense intimidation goes away a bit.
The inn keeper, Mrs. Halls, is a friendly women who likes to talk to her guest until the invisible man arrived. She wants to know more of the “invisible man” due to his bandages and covered body. She tries to talk to him but gets scared because he demands to be left alone. Mrs. Halls seems to be a mother figure who cares her guest and wants to know more of the “invisible man”. She talks about that someone she knows was in bandages and wants to find out about how he got the bandages. Mrs. Halls gets frustrated when trying to start a small conversation with him and making pay up for his bill.
The invisible man has gotten an assistant who he convinced that he was invisible, Thomas Marvel. He is to assist the Invisible Man to change back to normal. He carries the Invisible Man's scientific notebooks and stolen money. Thomas gets scared of him because he can’t see him and afraid he might do something. After telling the police about him, the invisible man tries to go after Thomas but instead he hides from the police.
The book shows that not every person is who they really are. The invisible man seems to be intimidating but only to hide himself from others which only he does this so he won’t be discovered. Thomas was seen to be trustworthy but grew very nervous and scared of the invisible man. This leads to a serious of mayhem because the invisible man has been found out but only is trying to find a way to return back. In the end he is caught a killed and sadly his body returned to his physical form when he had died.

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