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Charmed by Paul Ruditis
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Mar 05, 2012

really liked it
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Read on March 05, 2012

Full review to come!


*First and foremost, nothing can compare to the Charmed television series. I'm a huge fan of the series, and when I learned there was a graphic novel continuation, I was absolutely ecstatic. Ordered the first one immediately, and ripped open the package the moment it got here.

*To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed. For only being 154 pages long, it felt like way too much happened. Maybe I'm used to the pacing of the show, but the graphic novel was just breakneck speed. I think I may even have whiplash!

*The writing is obviously not on par. The writer didn't seem to fully grasp the dialogue that makes these girls so appealing. They all pretty much sounded the same, and even though I tried to do the voices in my head, it just left me a little flat.

*The plot was also just kind of WTF? *SPOILER ALERT* Everything's fine. POOF! The Source is back. POOF! Everyone is evil and out to get them. POOF! They come up with the perfect plan. KABOOM. The Source is dead. Again. Insert mystery evil plan, revealing that the Source was only a pawn in a great scheme. Yeah. A scheme greater than the literal SOURCE of all evil, which evil cannot exist without, even if it's not currently residing in a host body. NO SENSE. And all in 154 pages.

*But the most important part of any graphic novel is, obviously, the art. The first volume has two artists, and I'm kind of torn. Obviously the cover for the first volume is amazing. But I'm torn between the two main artists. I appreciated the style and coloring of the first three chapters, with only the occasional element of realism towards the actresses thrown in - just enough to figure out who was who. They were similar, but with the artist's own touch. Though, I did not agree with Paige's red hair, or a lot of the clothing choices. Piper does not wear belly shirts people! Not to mention that little Melinda looked like a bobblehead doll, and Chris and Wyatt's heights were way off for their age. Artist loved some flip flops too! Still, I preferred this stylistically over chapters four and five. I think the artist maybe tried a little too hard to make the girls look like the actresses, but still put his own spin on it. It resulted in a lot on inconsistent features the first artist did not have. Best part, however, was the replica Book of Shadows in the beginning. All those spells, and recaps, and bios! I loved it!

*This is also a very boobalicious graphic novel. I understand that comics and graphic novels are dominated by male readers, but Charmed was a pretty female dominated show. It's all about girl power. Now, I appreciate a pretty piece of art, but the girls should not be looking like superheroes with latex-tight shirts and jeans, and boobs up to their chins. They're normal women! But I doubt that's something that will change, and it's just a personal pet peeve more than anything. Also, who decided to have the new villainess look like she just came from a ho-down? Red, tied button-up and cut off jean shorts? Seriously? All she needed was a pair of cowboy boots and a hat.

*Overall, I was underwhelmed. I had a lot of complaints. So why did I rate it so high? Because it's Charmed, and I will always be biased. I will always love it, not matter how god awful it is. I will keep buying these things until they stop making them, because I want to keep the Charmed Ones alive as long as possible.
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message 1: by Sunnykimmy (new) - added it

Sunnykimmy Aww...I definitely see your point..on everything.I'm torn on whether to buy them or not. I "looked inside" at some parts on Amazon and first of all, Dave Hoover's, the first artist's, drawings are my favorite. I actually mourned him for a second because it turns out he passed away. I also agree about the clothing and the boobs. The fact that Piper was wearing more revealing clothes and that Phoebe's boobs were unusually large were a few of the first things I noticed. They really should require that the artists they hire watch parts of the show. But all in all, all the drawings I saw were pretty good. But I'm still just afraid I'll be disappointed.

Liz // nvl.tea Don't be! If you loved the show at all, you'll still love these. I'd definitely give them 5 stars if I wasn't trying to be more unbiased.

message 3: by Sunnykimmy (last edited Jun 27, 2012 06:40AM) (new) - added it

Sunnykimmy Haha, OK, I'll get one and see how that goes. I definitely like the drawings of the first one. Plus, I'm a long-time fan of the show. :)

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