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The Watchman of Ephraim by Gerard de Marigny
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Mar 05, 2012

really liked it
Read in February, 2012

A billionaire ex hedge fund manager and patriot, Cris DeNiro, buys a private counter-terrorism consulting firm. He changes the name of the firm from Liberty Defense Contractors to The Watchman Agency. He installs his brother in law and formerly Commanding Officer of the Naval Special Warfare Center as the agency's President. Add a cabal of Iranian terrorists with ugly plans for the U.S. of A. and you have a great plot. I liked this one.

Gerard is one of my Goodreads friends. If you haven't tried him yet I recommend that you do. Our hero Cris is a practicing Christian and makes no bones about it. You don't see that much and I like it. In fact the only other instance I have found was a "terrorist" trilogy co-written by Oliver North and Joe Musser beginning with the "Mission Compromised" title.
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Gerard Marigny My dad would have been proud, Chuck, reading you mention a similarity between Col. North and me. He was a Marine who served in "both wars," as he put it WWII & Korea.

That means a lot to me. I wanted to tell you that.

I hope you read on in the CRIS DE NIRO series. BOOK 2, _SIGNS OF WAR_ is already available and I'm completing BOOK 3 now, _RISE TO THE CALL_.


Chuck Sir Gerard:

Thanks for your comment. Your phraseology regarding your dad's service suggests that he has passed on to his reward. If I am mistaken please pass on my thanks for his service.

I have added "Signs of War" to my "In Search Of" list.


Gerard Marigny He has indeed ... January 11, 1998 ... an honored day in my family. My dad was more than a Dad to me - he was my best friend, and my Best Man at my wedding. I'm a father of four sons now, so I know how special my relationship with my dad was.

One of the biggest motivations for me to write was when I went to the bookstore to buy a book for my dad, as a gift. I came across W.E.B. Griffin's "The Corps" series. When he read the first story in the series, I asked him if he liked it and he said, "That author got it right."

For my quiet dad, that was a BIG endorsement, so I read it ... and I was captivated. I've been an avid reader from long before that, but it was WEB Griffin and his "The Corps" series that eventually led to my becoming a writer.

I hope you enjoy _SIGNS OF WAR_.


Chuck Sir Gerard:

We do have some things in common. I, too, come from a very close family. My dad, brother and I were the best of friends as well. My brother and I served as Best Man for each other and I'm proud to say I provided the same service for my son. With your family background and the lessons you obviously have learned from it I am not concerned in the least about how your boys will turn out.

I read the first three books in "The Corps" series and enjoyed them. To be perfectly honest I don't know why I didn't continue with them. In fact, I am going to add the rest of them to my list.

Thanks for typing back. Let's stay in touch.


Gerard Marigny Do that! I enjoyed the entire series. To tell you the truth, I could have gone on reading about Killer McCoy, Pickering, et. al indefinitely.

Little secret: There are a few items in my CRIS DE NIRO series that I borrowed from WEB GRIFFIN's "The Corps" series. Not plagiarism ... just my little way to pay homage to a writer and series that profoundly affected my writing career.

I'll give you a hint - one is the reference to "Estancia" De Niro, Cris De Niro's ranch. Griffin mentions estancias throughout "The Corps" series - particularly because he lives in Argentina and married an Argentinean lady.

Another is the name of the hotel in _THE WATCHMAN OF EPHRAIM_, the Foster Lafayette - Pickering's wife's family owns and operates it in "The Corps."

Only WEB GRIFFIN luvers would even notice. c",)

Thanks again, Chuck!

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