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When She Woke by Hillary Jordan
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Mar 11, 2012

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bookshelves: dystopian
Read from March 05 to 11, 2012

I love it when I have a good week of just chugging along and I'm able to read a good 3-5 books. I feel so accomplished after completing book after book after book. This book, however, took up my whole week. Why? I don't know, it really wasn't that long. So does that mean it was a bad book? No, it was just one I wasn't obsessed with. It didn't call out the me "Read me" while I should have been cleaning, etc., like all of my favorite books have.

A good book, in general, for me is one I don't want to put down. It is one that I just can't wait to get back to. I think about it when I'm not reading it. You get my gist, right?!?!!?!

So, no this book was not bad... but it didn't keep me up at night. I'm not just over the moon. I'm not singing it's praises.

Spoilers ahead:

In Hannah Payne's world criminal's are treated very differently and what the components of a criminal are different than our world today. At times, I couldn't help but wonder what point the author was trying to make? (Enter religous and political views from this book...)
Hannah has always been a good girl, always respecting her parents, wearing appropriate clothes, going to church and just trying to be exactly what she is "supposed" to be. Something changes when Hannah meets Aiden, her local pastor at her church. (This is sounding like this is a religous book/christian tale, I assure you it's not) After a few flirty glances and lingering touches, Aiden and Hannah become something neither one of them believe in... Cheaters. Aiden is a married man, but he develops feelings for Hannah. She is smitten with him and is willing to be his mistress, she will take what she can get from him. She is in love. And as common sense tells us, when you have sex with someone a baby will be formed... that is exactly what happens. Only Hannah decides to have an abortion... which is illegal in this society.

Hannah is convicted for this crime and her skin is turned Red. She will be branded as a chrome. Everyone who sees her will know she is a criminal. Even through this, she does not sell Aiden out. No one knows he was the Father.

After serving her time in jail, Hannah tries to adapt to the outside world again. She tries to go to a sanctuary, but it feels like a prison of condemnation. She breaks free, only to find out a group of anti-clones is after her. She is taken in by a group of feminists who try to save clones.

Will Hannah make it to a safe place? Will she ever be with Aiden? Will she finally tell the truth?

3.5 stars

Did anyone else wonder if Aiden really loved her? I kept waiting for him to fail her, especially in the end. I was scared he was going to betray her and let the authorites know where she was... but he definitely had some redeeming moments in the end.

Whew. I am glad to be finished with this book and this review.
What a roller coaster!

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