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Kill Shot by Vince Flynn
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This is a prequil of the Mitch Rapp story. He's been through the CIA training and unleashed against the terrorist group responsible for the Pan Am Lockerbie attack.

He has a list of names of the terrorists and eliminates them one by one. Now he receives the naxt name and as he approaches where the man is, something doesn't feel right.

No sooner does he eliminate that terrorist than the room explodes in gunfire from other terrorists who were waiting for him. Matt narrowly escapes and wonders if he'd been set up.

"Kill Shot" is a feel good story of retribution where Mitch is attempting to accomplish whqat no one else has, to seek out and achieve revenge on the terrorists who strike out against innocent civilians. The terrorists think they are shielded from any revenge but Mitch solves this by acting outside the law.

The story moves swiftly with lots of action. There are some surprises and plot twists with everything coming together in a satisfying conclusion.

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