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Defiance by C.J. Redwine
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Mar 05, 2012

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Read from July 09 to 13, 2012

The scream inside me rips through my throat. I reach for the sword, but it's already gone. Throwing myself on Oliver, I shove the cloth against his neck and beg for him to look at me, though I know he can't.

He can't, and he never will again.

Defiance was yet another one of those books I was super hyped for, mainly because of the beautiful cover, the interesting blurb, and the rave reviews in had been getting.

Though the beginning was quite rough, I really enjoyed reading this. C.J. Redwine managed to suck me into her fantasy city of Baalboden from the very beginning. I found Baalboden extremely intriguing, mostly because of the mystery of the Cursed One, and of course, the very evil antagonist, Commander Jason Chase.

The Commander is probably one of my favorite villains of all time (apart from, of course, Lord Voldemort), because the author does not restrain his evilness at all. Redwine has created an intricately woven character out of him, and that was a major plus for me.

Unfortunately, I can't say the same about the main characters of the book: Rachel and Logan. To be quite honest, Rachel confused the heck out of me, as did Logan. Even though the whole of Defiance is written from both their POVs, I couldn't really connect with them. And then their feelings for each other were done quite unrealistically. I mean, why choose this particular moment to profess their undying love for each other? Also, it was kind of odd how Jared, Rachel's father, was the only man in all of Baalboden who thought that training his daughter to fight and survive was a good idea. I found it a little impractical that he made Logan Rachel's Protector as well.

Baalboden. It has a nice and interesting name, doesn't it? I had been hoping for a little bit more world building in Defiance, too, because I still don't know much about the city Rachel lived in, nor the place outside it, other than that it's called the Wasteland because nobody dares linger there anymore, not when the Cursed One is roaming about. So the world building disappointed me quite a bit.

Overall, Defiance was quite an entertaining read. I enjoyed the storyline and the amazing twists C.J. Redwine had. Also, I think the mysterious package everyone was after was extremely ingenious! I would've never guessed what it was. Though the characters could've been improved, the lots of action (and occasionally, gore) made up for it quite a little.

3.5 stars.

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