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The Crazy School by Cornelia Read
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Mar 05, 2012

it was ok

I liked it-I didn't have a problem with the writing. I enjoyed the author's sense of humor even though it can be a little off beat at times. Sometimes the jokes fell in odd places, which can make for a jumbly tone. I think where it kinda falters for some readers is the setting/time-frame. It felt like the story was taking place in the 1970s or 1980s--Maybe it does...I honesetly can't remember. Anyway, it felt like another time, I mean it was just really strange that a school could be run this way, and I was both mystified and entertained at the same time.
...I was reading it thinking the book was about something smaller,'ya know. Even though there were references made to a tragic past event in our history--I just didn't make the connection, probably because I was only a baby when the event took place. So, I guess I didn't have a good handle on what the book was really about, until I was about three quarters through. It did just kinda turn into a who'dunnit, so I guess that was a bit disappointing, but the ending is pretty cool :)

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