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Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony
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Mar 05, 2012

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Read in February, 2012

THE GOOD: Reading this book is an experience. It wasn’t the usual way of telling a story, obviously. It gives you an inside look into Glory and Frank’s relationship. It shows the vulnerability of the characters, the simplicity of falling in love while simultaneously feeling the invincibility of being a teenager—the no-one-can-beat-our-love-because-we-have-each-other and the ­you-and-me-against-the-world kind of love that, as the book showed, transcends even being miles apart.

I do like the approach—the whole pictures, scrapbook-ish type of telling the story on some levels. It was something a sentimental person (ahem, like me) would do—save those things and try to trace back on the things that happen in the relationship. The pictures and everything in the book gave us a glimpse of Glory’s relationship with Frank and her father—it was a bit like Big Brother or EdTV (am I recalling the right flick? The one with Jim Carrey in it and he was followed pretty much everywhere?).

One of the best parts? You get to finish it in an hour—or more if you’re like me who really went back, read and browsed through every single detail of each page.

Another good part: they have playlists / mixtapes! I liked discovering new songs, so yup, that one’s a plus for me.

THE BAD: Since this book is almost entirely without prose, there is a downside to that approach—you don’t get to really connect with the characters, get to know them and their quirks, and you end up feeling a bit lost sometimes while reading it. You’re presented with ‘artifacts’ of a couple, but without much background, it was tough to figure out the motivations on why the characters did something, or why they became who they are. To me, it was really just a ”glimpse”—an almost detailed glimpse—through a relationship.

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