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Rise of the Evening Star by Brandon Mull
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Mar 08, 12

Read on March 04, 2012

Fantastic fun, yet again, though it felt rather like a filler while we wait for things to take off in the next book. The big reveals that happened at the end of book 1 were played with but not really exploited in this one, and this one ends with another, so I'm guessing book 3 is where everything goes crazy. I hope!

I still am more wowed by the kids than the grownups. Grandpa does nothing but annoy me, and while Grandma is better, I still don't really feel like she's a full person. Kendra and Seth are much more vivid -- which makes sense, given that this is a children's series, except that I love Dale as well, so.

Coulter's sexism made no sense to me, just by the way, as it didn't actually drive the plot in any way, and wasn't really challenged (so therefore wasn't a teaching point) -- I have to wonder whether Mr. Mull actually buys that? It was hard to tell. If not, then it should've been addressed or had consequences. If so, well, that's sexist, isn't it. :P I kept waiting for it to be brought back, but nope, he's just sexist, and that's fine, and we move on.

I enjoy Kendra's character a lot. I like that she has legitimate fears, and that she doesn't like blood, or murder, and that she's not relentlessly curious and would much rather stay inside if she hears something is dangerous -- but at the end, she's the one who overcomes everything and manages to win. She doesn't get so far and then step aside to let Harry Potter reap the glory at the last second.

I also like Seth, who is an exasperating mixture of infuriating and absolutely wonderful. Both he and Kendra are, in essence, children who are written like real children, and that is incredibly rare. Many YA series feature kids, but they don't ever actually come off on the page like it (and Harry Potter is one of them, in my opinion).

I'll be happy to continue reading.

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