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Anya's Ghost by Vera Brosgol
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Mar 05, 12

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Everyone has a friend that they rely on for advice, but what do you do when that advice is hurting more then helping? That is one of the problem Anya faces in Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol. Anya has to deal with her heritage, fitting in, and a ghost who’s intentions aren’t as pure as they seem. This book was quite a relief to read. I really enjoyed the art style and the character expressions were crisp, refreshing, and comedic. I also support the idea of choosing one main color theme, in this case purple. By changing the shades of purple, the mood of each page was easily conveyed. The meaning behind this story is a reversed comradeship behind Anya and the dead girl Emily. They both had a hard time fitting in and getting the love they thought they deserved. Emily tries to give Anya the life she wish she had, but at the cost of Anya’s individuality. Emily becomes less of a friend and more of a looming figure who forced her ideas on Anya. Despite the desire to get a boy and fit in, I supported Anya when she said enough was enough. Just because two people went through similar experiences does not mean that they have the right to control you. I think that someone would enjoy this book if they liked light humor. Many people can relate to Anya’s lack of fitting in when it comes to school and I started to wonder how I would use Emily’s powers to my advantage if I knew it would help me. Vera Brosgol also did works such as Return to Sender, an online webcomic that has since been stopped, and quite a few animations and an anthology called Wary Tales.

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Jenifer Nice connections. I'm happy you also reviewed the art styling. That's a huge part of GNs!

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