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The Reckoning by Kelley Armstrong
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Mar 05, 2012

it was amazing
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Read from March 04 to 05, 2012

BRILLIANT conclusion to thjis series. And if Kelley wants to continue to write about Chloe Saunders, she can and I won't mind.
Fast-paced and overall interesting events. Once again, Derek and Chloe's chemistry blow me away. Hot and sweet!
I don't have words to descibe it, but using this word again: Fantastic!

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Quotes Jenni Liked

Kelley Armstrong
“You were just worried about me."
An exhale, relieved that I had understood. "Yeah"
I turned. "Because you think I'm worth it"
He put his fingers under my chin. "I absolutely think your worth it."
"But you don't think you are."
His mouth opened. Shut.
"That's what this is about, Derek. You won't let us worry about you because you don't think you're worth it. But I do. I absolutely do.”
Kelley Armstrong, The Reckoning

Kelley Armstrong
“So," I said. "Seems you're going to be stuck with me for a while."
He smiled. A real smile that lit up his whole face.
Kelley Armstrong, The Reckoning

Kelley Armstrong
“Finally, he pushed back the chair and exhaled.
"He's alive," I said. "Your dad's alive."
He loooked up at me and, I couldn't help it-- I threw my arms around his neck and hugged him. Then I realized what I was doing. I let go, backing away, tripping over my feet, stammering. "I-I'm sorry. I'm just--I'm happy for you."
"I know."
Still sitting, he reached out and pulled me toward him. We stayed there, looking at each other, his hand still wrapped around my shirt hem, my heart hammering so hard I wash sure he could hear it.
"There's more," I said after a few seconds. "More emails, Tori said."
He nodded and swiveled back to the computer, making room for me. When I inched closer, not wanting to intrude, he tugged me in front of him and I stumbled, half falling onto his lap. I tried to scramble up, cheeks burning, but he pulled me down onto his knee, one arm going around my waist, tentative, as if to say Is this okay? It was, even if my blood pounded in my ears so hard I couldn't think.”
Kelley Armstrong, The Reckoning

Kelley Armstrong
“I lifted onto my toes, put my hands aroung his neck, and pulled him down. When our lips met, that first jolt... It was everything I hadn't felt with Simon, everything I wanted to feel.
His hands went around my waist, pulling me closer--”
Kelley Armstrong, The Reckoning

Kelley Armstrong
“I'm not going anywhere, not without Chloe."
Kelley Armstrong, The Reckoning

Kelley Armstrong
“I slid closer, feeling his arms close around me, tightening. Our lips touched--
"Derek?" his dad called. "Chloe?"
Derek let out a growl. I laughed and backed up.
"We seem to get a lot of that, don't we?" I said.
"Too much. After we eat, we're going for a walk. A long walk. Far from every possible interruption."
I grinned up at him. "Sounds like a plan”
Kelley Armstrong, The Reckoning

Kelley Armstrong
“Derek and I went out for our walk after dinner. Alone.
There was an open field behind the motel and we headed there. Finally, when we were far enough from the motel, Derek led me into a little patch of woods. He hesitated then, unsure, still just holding my hand. When I stepped in front of him, though, his free hand went around my waist.
"So," I said. "Seems you're going to be stuck with me for a while."
He smiled. A real smile that lit up his whole face.
"Good," he said.
He pulled me against him. Then he bent down, breath warming my lips. My pulse was racing so fast I could barely breathe. I was sure he'd stop again and I tensed, waiting for that hesitation, stomach twisting. His lips touched mine, and still I kept waiting for him to pull back.
His lips pressed against mine, then parted. And he kissed me. Really kissed me- arms tightening around me, mouth moving against mine, firm, like he'd made up his mind that this was what he wanted and he wasn't backing down again.
I slid my arms around his neck. His tightened around me and he scooped me up, lifting me off his feet, kissing me like he was never going to stop, and I kissed him back the same way, like I didn't want him to ever stop.
It was a perfect moment, one where nothing else mattered. All I could feel was him. All I could taste was his kiss. All I could hear was the pounding of his heart. All I could think about was him, and how much I wanted this, and how incredibly lucky I was to get it, and how tight I was going to hold onto it.
This was what I wanted. This guy. This life. This me. I was never getting my old life back, and I didn't care. I was happy. I was safe. I was right where I wanted to be.”
Kelley Armstrong, The Reckoning

Kelley Armstrong
“I wanted to walk over there. I wanted to curl up beside him, lean against him, talk to him. I wanted to know what he was thinking. I wanted to tell him everything would be okay. And I wanted him to tell me the same thing. I didn't care if it was true or not- I just wanted to say it. To hear it, to feel his arms around me, hear the rumble of his words, that deep chuckle that made me pulse race”
Kelley Armstrong, The Reckoning

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