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Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey
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Mar 04, 12

Read in March, 2012


This book was beautiful to read. Charlie's voice was perfect. He was articulate but still 14. He painted beautiful pictures with his words.
The storyline was interesting, but that is not why I kept reading. I loved the jungle of words. I also loved what a neat little package it was- To Kill a Mockingbird is referenced more than once, and the story's very own Boo Radley lives down the road. The sarge menacingly spits, "Romeo and Juliet didn't have a happy ending," when neither did a pair of other young lovers. Mark Twain is everywhere- Charlie is Tom to Jasper's Huck and the combination was entrancing.

I loved it. I loved Jeremy and Charlie's clever banter. "Would you rather wear a hat of spiders or have penises for fingers?" Brilliant! Boys do this all the time and it's like spying on their secret world!

I loved the romantic, real mind of a 14-year-old boy. Not just hormones. It's a true depiction. I work with middle school boys on a regular basis and one recently looked at me and said, "I know they don't take me seriously, but I really care for her."

I didn't understand the necessity of setting it during Vietnam. Up the stakes for Jeremy? To show more violence and hatred? It doesn't quite matter to me, though. It's nice to be transported (in time and location, as I'm American!) every once in a while. Also- I don't understand a thing about cricket but I was just as thrilled as everybody else when Jeremy prevailed.

I'll have to steep in the questions of good and evil- how good people can let evil exist around them, and how evil people just sometimes can't hold it in. How evil is not always evil. That good people say "sorry."

All in all, the complex, reality of the characters combined with the rich writing reminded me so much of Marcus Zusak- high praise coming from me. I wanted to read about the rest of Charlie's life. I knew the story had ended and I was happy with the ending, but I want to see him continue in school and grow up to do anything! I could read about him taking an accounting class and I would be happy, the writing is so beautiful.

Thank you Craig Silvey. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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