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Peace, Love, and Baby Ducks by Lauren Myracle
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Mar 04, 2012

it was ok

Lauren Myracle should stop writing books.
I mean, I did enjoy her Winnie books, mostly because when I was eleven, I read eleven, and so on, and she carried me through my tween years and had a lot of the same issues I was faced with. I will always appreciate her for that.
But I feel she has really said everything she has to say, as far as I can tell. Many many times.
And guess what?
It's. Getting. On. My. Nerves.
Here's a basic plot breakdown of her books:
-Our heroine feels restless for some reason
-Our heroine has at least one sister, if not other sisters and sometimes is annoyed by her
-Our heroine is sometimes annoyed with her father
-Our heroine makes friends with an outcast
-Our heroine is interested in some guy
-Our heroine gets the guy
-Oh, yeah, and the famous Heroine and her best friend are growing apart.
I yawn-
The end.
Every. Single. Time.
I mean, for one book, it's fine, for 2 books, if there's a twist, it's fine.
But for book after book, reading the same basic plot, the same basic brunette heroine with bad luck but a charming personality really gets old really really fast.
Lauren Myracle has to stop rehashing old ideas and think of something new.
Or stop writing.
I think I won't go reading anything else by her. I feel I've heard everything she has that's worth saying.

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