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My Soul to Keep by Rachel Vincent
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Mar 04, 2012

it was amazing
Read from March 06 to 07, 2012 — I own a copy

My soul to keep is the 3rd book in this installment, and I must say it was a hard book to read. Rachel Vincent has a talent for captivating and enthralling her readers in a good way. Her writing pace is just right and her storylines are always thought provoking and elicit a high emotional flare. She writes her characters in a way where reality blends with paranormal, yet fascinating. Vincent has a way of letting her characters deal with their issues based on their personality. As you delve further into the series her characters comes to life and then you begin to wonder, you think and you also re-evaluate what you think you know about morality and you start to re-define rightness and social norms. Vincent is one hell of a writer! Amazing.

My soul to keep is gluttony/addiction (sin 3).

In my opinion, I believe this is a continuation from book 2 and I call it the calm before the storm because that's what happened. Remember book 2 when the balloon of “Demons breath” (soul replacer) popped accidentally on Nash's face, when he was helping Addy, Todd’s girlfriend? Yeah, well Nash got hooked! Worse Kaylee didn’t know she’ d been grounded for one month and had no idea until the damage had been done. Now there is “Demon Breath” in her school and we all know Kaylee wouldn’t be Kaylee until justice is served. Sadly, this time Nash is involved. Why is Nash on drugs? How did “Demon's Breath” get into her school? And who brought “Demon Breath” from the “Netherworld into the human world? This was a great and a controversial book to read, and I love every second of it! Although lots of readers seem to blame and lash out at Nash, but the truth is, no one of them should be blamed, yet all of them are at fault. Todd, Kaylee and Nash in that order why? Because it was Todd who wanted to save Addy, volunteering Kaylee and Nash by Proxy, making Avarice, zero in on Kaylee and Nash, and Nash getting hooked on drugs out of loyalty. Kaylee had been warned many times to stay away from the Nether world yet… she dove in- Headfirst!
Vincent did say, there are consequences in her world, no good deed goes unpunished, I understand now. There is no need crying over spilled milk just get a paper towel and wipe it off! Except sometimes it isn’t that easy maybe ever. This is one of those times.

Why is Nash on drug? How did it start?
It was a ripple effect. Nash didn’t go looking for drugs; he was helping Addy, who willingly sold her soul, when it accidentally happened (I think he deserves points for that). It was an unfortunate mistake and my heart aches for Nash, because he never wanted to go to the Nether world in the first place. Nash is a good kid. Drugs lowers a persons inhibition, the person tend to do what he/she normally wouldn't do. Nash was already hooked! He had no control, plus Nash did say he didn't know what was happening, he lost control and he made mistakes except when he realized what was happening he was afraid. As a Nurse, I know mothers who LOVED DRUGS better than their own kids. It’s not an excuse; Nash was under the influence and he never coherently, willingly, chosen to hurt Kaylee. Sadly, in the end none of that mattered. He got kicked while he was already down and got hit by HIS brother and left almost emotionally hollow. (Not fair)

How did “Demon breath” get into the human world?
Todd traded his services for the same Addy, who started this mess in the 1st place in return, to spend one hour of his time with her (how romantic). Todd didn't care what he was ferrying as long as he was with Addy. So by proxy “Demon Breath” let lose in Kaylee's school, putting Doug, Emma and Sophie and other student’s in harms way. A substance that wasn’t meant for humans, resulting in one dead student and one Loony student/patient, yet Todd seemed to be the hero. He was the one who brought the drugs into the human world, willingly, not under any influence, not drugs or any mental coercion -landing in Kaylee’s school not Nash. Also Todd almost let Kaylee die from crimson creeper, but somehow Todd's the hero? For punching Nash for Kaylee? I don't get it. Where is his consequence for going into the Nether world? Kaylee got hurt, she lost Nash, and Nash is hurting and hooked on drugs. So where is Todd’s consequence? It doesn't seem fair.

OMG, Kaylee! WOW! I love how strong and brave Kaylee is. I love how selfless she is, but when Nash finally told her what happened she made it about herself. Understandably she was hurt, BADLY. She felt used, she is hurting, but then again Nash isn’t himself. He didn’t willingly hurt her. He needs somebody to help him get through this, he's an addict, he needs a safe place however she yelled at him and made him feel smaller than he already is, and left him alone. Which bands any future line of communication between Nash and her. WOW, A girl who was ready to die for a complete stranger couldn't come up with an atom of understanding for a boy she claims to love? It doesn’t fit with the Kaylee I thought I knew. Help him. Not make out with him, He didn’t do it out of Malice. He is unwillingly under the influence. Kaylee never trusted Nash not really; she’d judged him from the beginning base on his past relationship. She would never forgive Nash because Kaylee has always been slow to trust an even slower to forget. (Poor Kaylee) Their relationship is being tested in the biggest way possible and I don't think Kaylee would stay to fight for it. Makes me wonder…. If her next relationship were tested, would she stay and fight? Or would she move on? In the way Kaylee was the problem and the solution in this book, because Avarice wants Kaylee and he’d used her friends and father and Nash as pawns. All in all, they were all responsible. Todd, Kaylee and Nash In that Order, but somehow Nash seem solely responsible. It was a fascinating read and a Great Book!
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Winnie Jennifer wrote: "Great review.

I agree. Nash made mistakes. He never meant to hurt Kaylee intentionally. Just like anything.. an addiction is hard to kick, as will show in the next few books.
Nash always gets the ..."

True, Very true.

Winnie Jennifer wrote: "You onto the next book now?"

I just finished Reaper, and am about to writer my review.

Winnie Jennifer wrote: "Ooh, right. Looking forward to it."

Its done, what do you think?

Rachel (The Rest Is Still Unwritten) I both agree and disagree with a lot of what you think Winnie. Great review though! It's very honest. See, while I'm a Tod girl (don't hate me! Lol) I do like and feel for Nash. I think so much of it was out of his control and while I still honestly believe he has to be responsible for his own actions, I think he needs support too. As you said, he is an addict. And needs to be helped as such.

Winnie Rachel wrote: "I both agree and disagree with a lot of what you think Winnie. Great review though! It's very honest. See, while I'm a Tod girl (don't hate me! Lol) I do like and feel for Nash. I think so much of ..."
Thanks, thats all I am saying. Yes. He should be responsible,they all are. But he didn't use drugs for recreational suppose, it was a mistake. And when he'd gone back to Avarice, he went alone. No help. So he fell prey. That doesn't mean he should be written off as a bad person. she loves him, so she (kaylee) knows him. If our parents or loved ones dump us whenever we do something bad, we will never be happy or live through it.

Winnie Rachel wrote: "I both agree and disagree with a lot of what you think Winnie. Great review though! It's very honest. See, while I'm a Tod girl (don't hate me! Lol) I do like and feel for Nash. I think so much of ..."

Todd almost let Kaylee died, What do u say to that? which sin is more unforgivable? And you still like him. :D

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