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The Vegetarian Myth by Lierre Keith
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Apr 27, 12

Read from March 03 to April 27, 2012

Here we have another book that radically changed my worldview. And no, I'm not a vegetarian. But I have been one at a couple of different times of my life, and I really must say that I agree with her view that there is a certain lack of what she refers to as "adult knowledge" among those of us who think we are so utterly tenderhearted that we just can't face killing a living thing. Several of the vegans who have written reviews on here have said that view is condescending. Sure, but that doesn't make it untrue.

As others have pointed out, the more spiritual section of the book, the whole "circle of life" section, is well written and deeply poetic. Living things must die for you to eat; you will eventually die and be eaten. And, monocrop agriculture is murder just as surely as meat is. If you find these ideas thought provoking and interesting, you should definitely read the book. I found them convincing and profound.

On the other hand, I don't think we have to empty our cities and move into small permaculture communities. I don't think we will have to reduce the world population by 90% (that may not be her ultimate number but it's in the ballpark). And the jury is still out for me on whether grains and soy can be a part of a healthful daily diet. I don't believe that technology is evil. In fact, I suspect it may well be the only thing that can save us from the various sorts of doom we may be facing.

Oh, and please don't buy into the raw milk thing. I was on the verge of buying a milk share. If you want to do it for yourself, go ahead, but please don't feed your kids raw milk. Grass fed cows most assuredly can have E. coli and Campylobacter, and are as prone to pooping in the milking barn as any other cow. It's not worth the risk.

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