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Reached by Ally Condie
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Mar 02, 2012

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I'm a sucker for red covers! <3

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message 1: by Kenya (new)

Kenya Wright This is a pretty cover!

Chelle (crazytrinket) The covers of this series is gorgeous, all of them!

message 3: by Giselle (new) - added it

Giselle I know! This one's my favorite though. RED! <3

message 4: by Sarah (saz101) (new)

Sarah (saz101) Aaah! I saw this for the firs time on your FB page this morning! Is it not AMAZING? :O

Quantum Thief - Dark Puppet Angel 01 its totally AMAZING!! ^~^

Helen OMG, i can't wait to read this! I love the books and have read matched and crossed multiple times :)

message 7: by Arti (new) - rated it 1 star

Arti It's so pretty!!!!

message 8: by Dierdra (new)

Dierdra Byrd Wow! That cover is amazing. I have no idea what the book is about but I want to have it just for that cover.

Annie love it!!

message 10: by TL (new) - rated it 4 stars

TL would love a three-poster series just of these covers :)

message 11: by Tori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tori Henson All of the books in the series are amazing and so are the covers!

lily:) The covers amazing! The book... Not so much. The first 2 were great but don't get your hopes up for this one, especially if you ship Xander and Cassia.

message 13: by Tori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tori Henson Reached was a really good book!!!!

lily:) The 1st and 2nd where waaaaaay better tho. :/

message 15: by Tori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tori Henson Yeah true!!!

message 16: by John (new) - rated it 3 stars

John does not deliver too much

message 17: by Moe (new) - rated it 1 star

Moe B. The covers were the best thing about the trilogy...

Clara Gee Is that all you care about the cover?!I do think the covers look good but you didn't say anything about the book in your review

Clara Gee Sorry about What I said just all you guys were talking about was the cover.

message 20: by Giselle (new) - added it

Giselle Umm, that's because I haven't read it. This isn't a review, I was just commenting on the cover.

Mariah Frane Aren't they making a movie?!?!?!

message 22: by Tori (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tori Henson They need to make a movie!!

lily:) They're planning to! I've heard rumors the rights went to disney.

Clara Gee Really? that would be nice because I didn't understand it very well.

Nadya Why would any of u guys want it to go to Disney?! Most of Disney is for CHILDREN. You have to remember, children are little creatures that crawl around with slobbery fingers and whine until they get candy. Little boys will want the movie to be full of dump trucks and violence. Little girls will want Cassia to be a Disney princess with perfect curves and a blemish-free face. "Mommy," they'll say, "Can I get the Princess Cassia doll? Daddy, can I pleeeease get the Prince Ky doll?"
If Disney DOES have the movie rights, than they will probably make this into an animated film. The type of movie that they draw or put into a computer. If anything, I think that Universal should have the rights. They would do a better job of the movie. But I guess we dont have to worry about that. This probably won't be turned into a movie anyway.

Nadya I'm sorry. That last comment was pretty rude. But I'm still worried about what Disney will do to Matched if they make it into a movie though.
: C

lily:) But Brianna, since when are Disney and quality opposites? Yeah, they've had their flops, but so had every company. Let's not forget recent animated hits like Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, Frozen, and Zootopia. And recent live action movies include the Marvel Cinematic Universe (Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy), and another little movie you may have heard of, Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Not to mention, all the success Pixar, a company Disney owns and works closely with, has had. Have a little faith. And trust, and Pixie Dust.

lily:) Also, what's your problem with marketing? That happens with successful movies, all successful movies. Katniss isn't Disney, and she had a doll. If the movie is a hit, it'll be marketed, regardless of the studio.

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