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No Longer a Slumdog by K.P. Yohannan
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Mar 02, 2012

it was amazing
Read in March, 2012

In the book, "No Longer A Slumdog" the author K.P. Yohannan wished to get a message through to the readers. This message was that young children around the world live in extreme poverty and face danger everyday of their lives. The author did a fantastic job of getting his message across. He used vivid descriptions and stories to make me visualize these poor children. The author went over to India and he leads an organization called The Bridge of Hope. This organization takes kids in, feeds them and educates them. These poverty stricken children feel hopeless and helpless. This is a passage from the book, a little girl names Angeline wrote a piece. She was in the organization and got help, these are her words. "MY name is Angeline. My mother was sick when I was born. I remember seeing her in bed with big, big sores all over her body. She was always in pain. My father left us and married someone else. I was 4 years old when this happened. My grandmother decided she would take care of me, and she did until she also died when I was 6, I could not express the sorrow I felt. My aunt and her husband then decided to take me in. I lived in their home with their two children. It was a small room for all five of us, and we often ate just once a day. I was very sad then. I used to keep mum. I would not talk to anyone. I was scared and very sad when my aunt became sick too. I was certain she would die and leave me. Then something different happened. A man came and prayed for my aunt, and she got better. She decided to follow the Lord Jesus and enrolled me in a Bridge of Hope center. When I first came, I would not talk to anybody. But eventually my heart was warmed. I learned many new things at the center... I know that I have changed a lot. I was quiet when I came, but now I love and share with the other children." In the book, there were so many success stories of so many helped children. They all now had enough to eat and they found the Lord. This is the most beautiful thing I could imagine. A child used to feeling fear and despair, now found the Lord and came out of their shell and are now happy. This book was so inspiring to me to be thankful for what I have and to help people in need. This book also made me aware to the world around me that this stuff really does happen. Little girls are sold into sex slavery, little kids are blinded to be better beggars, babies do starve, children are sold or abandoned. This is all a reality and happens everyday. Something needs to be done and this book made me aware.

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