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Love Will Find You by Kathryn Alice
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Mar 02, 2012

it was amazing
Read in September, 2010

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The essence of true attraction

Now that Christmas is over, the inevitable retail season of hearts and candies is upon us. Yes, the former Catholic holiday in honor of St. Valentine has followed the path of Christmas. Instead of going to mass and lighting a candle we are subjected to constant commercials for dating sites, restaurants, and all sorts of romantic ideas. Unlike Christmas, this particular holiday is exclusive to those who are in pair bonds. According to some marketing statistics the highest number of membership purchases on dating sites or matchmaking companies is often after Christmas or Valentine's Day. Since we are inundated with matchmaking shows it appears that everyone is an expert on finding the one.

Before you part with your money for a match.com membership or put a down payment on a profile with a pricey matchmaking service, consider this book. Kathryn Alice offers a soul-based and very supportive book on bringing in that special person into your life. Sure, there are plenty of books like how to make someone fall in love with you or how to market yourself to find a husband after over 35, but this book is a little different.

Alice offers a nine step for magnetizing a soulmate. What is interesting about this book is that she does not focus on changing your approach, getting a makeover, or taking a flirting class. Instead, Alice talks about the inner work that often must be done for a person to be ready for a relationship. The fact is, there are no guarantees but with a little faith, trust, and some authentic self-love, you may increase your chances.

If you feel let down by some of the more mainstream books that tell you to settle for less, advise you to take on a new personality of a pickup artist, or just have left you feeling that you need to do things that are uncomfortable then this book could be for you. Alice also brings in her experience as a religious science practitioner in her writings. She had been a longtime member of the Agape Church in Los Angeles before starting her travels with her family in 2007. If you are unfamiliar with religious science or Agape, this book is still easy to understand. What Alice leads her readers to, is a path of faith, but not wishful thinking. Alice is about nurturing a mindset that attracts love into all areas of your life.

In each of the nine steps outlined in this book, none of it is complicated or hard to implement. Some of the basics in attracting a soulmate, according to Alice, is how important it is to be clear from the past and stay true to oneself. These principles were part of a workshop that she taught in Los Angeles for many years that apparently had a lot of happy endings. Alice likes to call soulmates the people who have crackling chemistry. So, here are the nine magnets:

Believe he is out there: if you doubt you delay your date with destiny.

Invite love in: you can't just expect people to show up to your party. You must send them an invitation. Same thing with your soulmate. You have to invite them into your life and Alice provides a meditation and a series of exercises that do this.

Put your fears to bed: it has been said that the energy of fear is very constricting. People who are afraid may become so fearful that they will not try new things. In extreme cases this is called phobia. For some, they have a form of love phobia. What this means is they are so afraid that they will be hurt that they avoid meeting new people at all costs. Unfortunately, you can't have it both ways. You cannot be afraid of love and yet want it the same time. If you want love then let go of the fear. Alice gives simple tips to gradually release your fears. If this is difficult she does recommend other resources to deal with the fear.

Shine your unique light: this was one of the loveliest chapters in the book. It is not hard to feel that you need to do something different with your appearance or personality to have a chance for love. If you become who you are not, you will find someone who likes someone who does not exist. If you stay long enough together the other person will eventually discover the real you. Think of the movie The Ugly Truth. Gerard Butler's character had helped Kathryn Heigl in getting a man she was interested in. Problem was, the man was not in love with her but with a persona that was the complete opposite of who she really was. Had she not ended her relationship him she would not have ended up with the man who loved her as she was.

Another interesting thing about this chapter is that it reminded me of some preconceived notions I have observed in myself and others. Growing up, I had been one of the rare minorities in a population mostly filled with blue-eyed blondes. This was not California but a place that was in the middle of nowhere. I grew up thinking that I didn't have much of a chance for a boyfriend because I did not look like Cameron Diaz. Later on, when I moved to New York, I discovered that there were people who were innately attracted to women who looked exotic. Alice says that this is natural. We are born with particular preferences that were placed in our heart to actually lead us to the right person. Besides, I smiled when I read this chapter because I had just finished reading some fan page comments about Michael Fassbender. The actor seems to have a preference for exotic women. As a teenager, I was convinced that men who looks like him only had eyes for a Cameron Diaz. So the lucky woman who gets to date him should be very glad she looks the way she does. And I'm guessing that he would not notice her will if she looked any other way.

Release old loves: remember the film One More Kiss starring Gerard Butler? In this film a man named Sam runs a restaurant with his wife. One night he gets a knock on the door. It is his long-lost love Sara who has returned to Scotland from New York. Even though Sam is married and has a home and business life with his wife, he was never over Sara, and it destroys his marriage. The moral of the story is, if you cannot let the past go, you cannot hope for a future no matter how great it is.

Create a haven for your heart: This chapter is devoted to protecting your heart from those who do not support its desires. This could be people who mention statistics that leaves you feeling hopeless. Protect your heart from these types of environments because they do not support your wish.

Discover your own love style: do you ever notice that there are people who can get away dressing like they are a punk kid well into their 30s? If such people were to suddenly dress in pinstripe suits it would look weird. Such as fashion style is unique to a person so is your dating style. Some of us are successful in doing online or speed dating but others are not. Alice says that if you are a homebody you don’t need to go out every night. Love will find you at home. True love never comes from manipulation or being unnatural.

Date in a completely different manner: Alice emphasizes that the objective of dating is to determine compatibility. She also asserts that there is no such thing as rejection but only a lack of compatibility.

Get ready for the ride of your life: remember when you were a kid and you knew that the next day you were going to some place that was really fun? You were so excited you could not sleep and had no doubt that tomorrow would come. This is a chapter on how to have that same feeling as you prepare to welcome in a new experience of life with a soulmate.

Now I am off to magnetize my real life Magneto!Kathryn Alice
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