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ReVamped by Ada Adams
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Mar 06, 2012

really liked it
Read from March 02 to 06, 2012

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I have come across plenty of vampire books while reading, but very few have captured my interest and attention. When Ada Adams asked me to review ReVamped for her, I didn't know what to expect from the book. One thing was certain though ; the synopsis immediately drew me in and I was excited to see what the author had done to this world of vampires.

The book presents to us with Dawn, a Born vampire, living with her Vampire US President father, Alistair. When her father asks her to go on a mission in a small town called Angel Creek, Dawn immediately accepts because she has lived a pretty much sheltered life throughout her 19 years on Earth. However, things don't go as planned in Angel Creek and before she knows it, the simple mission turns into something deadly and dangerous.
Dawn was a fantastic main character. She was strong, powerful, kick-ass and confident. I loved her character and I found myself comparing her to Rose from The Vampire Academy series. Dawn may be a powerful warrior-like heroine, but she definitely had a soft side to her. She was caring, sweet, honest and friendly. She respected the vampires she was training at Angel Creek and I loved her interactions with them. Despite being brave and confident, Dawn was also very naive in a sense. Thing is a lot has been hidden from her and upon learning these things she felt devastated, hurt and heart broken. However, she doesn't let that crush her and towards the end of the novel she matures tremendously and turns into a character who is admirable. Because of that, Dawn seemed very realistic.
Overall, I enjoyed Dawn as a main character and I found myself enjoying seeing things through her eyes.

The book has two love interests. Ethan and Sebastian. Usually, when it comes to love triangles, I can easily make up my mind on which guy I like more and who I want to see end up with the main character. With ReVamped, this was definitely not the case. I found myself falling for both guys because both had excellent qualities. So, I was pretty much in a dilemma and will have to wait to see where the author takes us with the love triangle.
Sebastian and Ethan were in a way alike, but on the other hand they were also quite different from each other.
Ethan was the human bartender at the Angel Creek diner. Upon meeting him, Dawn is drawn and attracted to him. Not only is he gorgeous, but he was also kind, teasing, sweet and charming. He has a huge crush on Dawn and they instantly click it off. I loved how he cared about her and was ready to risk his life for her although he was a mere human. I found that really adorable and brave. However, Ethan is also keeping a secret. To be honest, I never saw the secret concerning Ethan and it blew me away.
Sebastian, on the other hand, is initially rude and mysterious to Dawn. Over the course of the story, he changes. He becomes nicer and begins to truly care for Dawn. He was a fierce, protective and strong character although in a way he was emotionally scarred by events in his past. When the events that froze his heart were finally brought to light, I felt so much for him and all I wanted to was give him a hug. Overall, both the love interests were great in their own way.

The secondary characters which include Brooke, Sophie, Hunter and Seth were also developed. They were each unique and different from each other and seeing such different personalities interact was at times funny and entertaining!
I especially liked Dawn's relationship with each of them and seeing these bonds strengthen throughout the book were also very great.

You would think that with a love triangle the author would concentrate solely on the romance like most authors do nowadays, but I'm happy to let you know that this wasn't the case in ReVamped. In fact, the romance in the book is very light and I'm not complaining.
ReVamped was full of action, mystery and drama that had be completely intrigued. There were many twists in the book that I weren't anticipating and these really made the book enjoyable. My only complaint is that I felt like some parts were rushed, but nevertheless I liked this book.
I absolutely loved what Ada Adams did to the world of Vampires in this book. It was different and original.

Overall, for a debut novel, ReVamped was excellent! With its outstanding characters, unexpected plot twists and mysterious world, ReVamped was a winner for me.
I look forward to reading the sequel and resume adventures with Dawn. Hopefully, the sequel will be as good or better than this one!
I do not hesitate recommending this book to fans of YA Paranormal books !

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