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The Chrysalids by John Wyndham
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Mar 01, 2012

it was amazing
Read in January, 2007

This novel really surprised me. I thought I was in for another dose of boring psycho-babble but I was glad I was wrong and the more I began to read I realised I just couldn't put it down.The Characters are so interesting especially David's allies, "Michael" and "Rosalind", the novel could have been written from any of these character's Pov and it would still have been great. I loved the whole telekinesis thing and the fact that David's dad,"Joseph Strorm" was as much of a zealous (then again maybe more)nut-job as the rest of the people of Waknuk.These people were die hard fundamentalist who didn't tolerate offences such as tailless cats,giant horses and people who had irregularly long limbs, so for David being the son of the resident magistrate and number one Wacko in town, a guy who would rather burn his entire crop and see his family starve than to excuse an offence meant that he was walking on some very thin ice.And it really didn't help when David became a psychic, he had already been subjected to harsh corporal punishment for wishing he was a mutant but then again maybe it did, he was able to gain a broad circle of friends, especially Michael who assisted by being his "eyes and ears" when he, his cousin and his little sister were on the run from David's own people,men who were hell bent on eradicating them as well as the blasphemous people of the fringe.This was an awesome novel and a really good read I just wished John Wyndham had written a sequel.
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