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Dire Warning by Stephanie Tyler
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Mar 01, 2012

did not like it
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Quick & Dirty: A short and sweet introduction of each of the Dire wolves during a murder investigation on Valentine’s Day.

Opening Sentence: “Remind me again why we came here tonight?” Vice asked again for the millionth time, unable to shelve his discontent at being forced out during a human holiday celebrating everything the Dire wolves couldn’t have.

The Review:

This is a novella referred to as a prequel. It’s not. Prequel implies a background story to the main series. Maybe how the Dire wolves came to be. Maybe going through the time of their Extinction, when most of the Dire wolves were wiped out. Maybe even cover how the last of the Dire wolves were able to find each other. Unfortunately, none of the above are covered. All this novella brings to the table is for those that like to be teased with a story before committing to a novel.

Dire Warning is about a group known as the Dire wolves who all go to a bar on Valentine’s Day. Their leader, Rifter, has a premonition that something bad will happen there and he makes them all go to check it out. They whine and grumble and joke about the “human” holiday of Valentine’s and then leave. Later, they find out there was a body of a murdered human found out back from the bar and it looks like a werewolf did it.

The Dire wolves are bigger, stronger, and more volatile than their werewolf cousins. They are charged by their Elders, or spiritual leaders, to watch over the Weres, or “normal” werewolf shapeshifters, to keep them safe and away from the human spotlight. Obviously, they failed in this situation. Now the Dire wolves need to scramble and clean up this mess. That includes dealing with a human named Bill, a self-proclaimed supernatural scientist, from releasing what he calls irrefutable evidence that werewolves exist.

It’s an alright story, short and to the point while introducing the reader to a new band of biker wolves. But, I repeat, NOT a prequel. Everything you learn about the main characters in this novella are reiterated in the first book of the series, Dire Needs. If you enjoy sexy alpha males, uncontrollable fits of rage, and shapeshifters, this may be a series you might like. If you are interested, just read the first book of the series and leave this one alone. If you LOVE the new series and can’t get enough of the Dire wolves, still don’t get this novella. You gain no insight. I hope that Stephanie Tyler writes more novellas for this series. I just hope she makes it worth our while.

Notable Scene:

And Jinx and Rifter were stuck headed to some old house to investigate the paranormal.

Elders help us all.

“Make sure you don’t get in any camera shots tonight,” Bill was warning him and Rifter now.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” Rifter said as professionally as possibly, mainly to cover the sound of Jinx’s low growl.

How Rifter was managing this shit without ripping Bill’s head off was fascinating to Jinx. A testament to the wolf’s patience, and the reason Jinx and the others called the alpha their leader, despite their own alpha status.

The Eternal Wolf Clan Series:

0.5. Dire Warning

1. Dire Needs

FTC Advisory: I purchased my own copy of Dire Warning. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review. I only get paid in hugs and kisses from my little boys.
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