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The Way We Fall by Megan Crewe
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Mar 01, 2012

it was amazing

** spoiler alert ** The book is outstanding. It’s great.
There is this girl who is writing letters to this boy named Leo. You can tell that she loves Leo. He’s the boy who got away.
She’s trying to keep Leo in touch with what is happening on the island. She tells him bout her day to day activities, and how she goes to visit friends and such. She tells him about her friends and how she goes to visit her friend Mackenzie and her friends Dad is sick.
The letters to Leo are written on almost a daily basis. She finds out that her friends Dad dies, and sneaks over to Mackenzies house after she was told not to go there by her Dad. Her Dad is the head of the hospital, and he is a little weirded out.
People on the island are getting sick and no one knows why. They cough, the get an itch, and then they start to go insane. And then die.
The doctors on the Island isolate it to being an airborne illness. The federal gov’t quarantines the island and sends the military out there to keep them there. Only it isn’t long they realize that no one wants to be on the island.
The main character in the book, is trying to do what is right to help out the people that are there. The military does drops of food and medication. The drops create chaos. The whole island is shutting down. There is not like a violent mass hysteria, its more people looting.
The girl in the book goes around and collects medicine and stuff from the summer homes and drops it at the hospital.
Her mother decides that she wants to have a Thanksgiving dinner, and then when they are in the midst of having Thanksgiving dinner, she realizes that her mother is sick. She is frustrated and wants to save her Mom. She leaves and goes to get her Dad, and he comes home. Her Mom dies.
Her life then becomes a matter of taking care of the town, the people in it.
She then gets sick and survives, and finds that she is only one of 5 people to survive the virus. This makes her believe that there is a cure.
When almost everyone has died, she see’s the boats in the harbor. The island has lost almost all of it’s food, the electricity is out, the internet is gone. She see’s Leo Standing on the ship and it ends with her saying that she see’s Leo.

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