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Break Out by Nina Croft
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Mar 02, 12

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Read on March 01, 2012

Written as a cross between PNR and Sci-Fiction I was surprised at how well this worked. I must say that it often reminded me of the old TV series 'Firefly' or movie 'Serenity' in parts due to the overriding council and religious undertones, but that only managed to build on my imagery of the sci-fi scenes.

So we are in the year 3048 when Earth is no longer inhabited and a small number of earths population were moved out into space to live. We then have some humans (The Collective) who want to control everything and live forever and found a mineral that helps them to be immortal. On the other side of the coin we have humans who cannot afford immortality and so they look to religion that promises life after death.

Into this world we get to meet a number of characters on a space cruiser that can certainly be described as unique. Rico, a 2000+ year old vampire, originally from earth before its destruction is irreverent and at times uncontrollable. Rico is the pilot of his space cruiser.

Following orders, Skylar Rossaria approaches Rico to ask for his help to break out a prisoner that The Collective have locked away on Trakis One. Although wary of what she is really after and her plans Rico takes the chance. From the time that Skylar is introduced there are battles to be fought in space and with Rico.

Rico was well written as one uncaring vampire that only trusts his Captain. Gradually we see Rico open up and become more likable to his fellow crew and also to Skylar. Although the sex is certainly straight out there in your face the actual romance build up was well paced.

I was a bit confused when I first started reading this as I had read the synopsis of the second book and went in expecting on thing and go another. Once I got my head around to the right storyline then it started to make sense. :-)

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