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Dying Wish by Shannon K. Butcher
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Mar 01, 2012

really liked it
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In Dying Wish, Butcher give her series formula another twist, her leading man immortal Theoroni warrior Iain isn't just close to losing his soul, he's already crossed that line and his leading lady, Jackie, who is free from being used as a blood slave and breeder for the Theroni's demonic enemy is unusual as well in that she is a potential match to every one of the warriors - though she wants nothing of their world and intends to return to her old life and just can't accept that her old life is lost to her forever.

I didn't like Jackie to start out, though it is sort of unfair of me to want her give up her dreams and commit to saving a warrior, but I really wanted her to man up and help the poor guys out. However Iain was enough to keep me going initially. Iain feels sort of Carpathian here with his honor and remembered feelings for his brothers and he's the complete opposite of Jackie in that he lives only to help his fellow warriors who are close to the edge to hold on long enough to find the woman who can save them. I never got to the point where I was super pro Jackie but I definitely liked her better when she started fighting her fears and I was happy that I didn't find the loophole to the HEA for the soulless Iain to be super predictable.

One thing that I have liked about Butcher's series is that she's built a cast of recurring characters over the books and has sort of an ensemble thing going on, with new, old and future pairs all woven into the mix (and I felt really sorry for Cain with the way that things go down for him here and I was not particularly happy with Joseph, this was not his finest hour.) But I have to say that Butcher has a lot of balls in the air on this one. Almost too many, with a significant touch up with Hope and Logan, peeks at Nikki and Madoc and two other old pairs, plus two in progress pairs (view spoiler), and the start of at least two more (view spoiler)in addition to Jackie and Iain story. It definitely gave my old brain a work out trying to remember who was who from past books and I think that it would probably frustrate new readers to try come up to speed with so many past characters making cameos.

One thing that I have to mention, Butcher has stuck pretty much to mainstream steamy PNR language in the previous books but hit one of my language nits this time around. While I can tolerate the c-word for the guy part to 'crow' about, I don't care for the p-word for the girl part that 'purrs' when stroked - it won't bother everyone but it bothers me.

Despite my nit and the brain strain, I still enjoyed Dying wish - I really like Butcher's Sentinels series and the pathos of the immortal warriors trying trying to retain their souls and their honor, even as they struggle to try to keep from losing hope of every finding the woman who can save them. And I like how Butcher keeps changing up her formula to keep things fresh - last time with the vampiric Logan in the lead and this time with the soulless Iain finding the woman who will bring Spring to his wintery life-mark. And one really good thing about all of the peeks at future pairs- they have me looking forward to the next book, and being glad that it looks like Butcher has enough ideas in the works to keep the series going for a good long time.
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message 1: by [deleted user] (new)

do we fine out more of Grace?

Melindeeloo Jasmin wrote: "do we fine out more of Grace?"

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message 3: by Sandra_23 (new) - added it

Sandra_23 Does anyone else agrees that the next pair of couples will probably be :
-Nicholas and Tory
-Joseph e Lyka
-Tor e Grace
-Andreas e Carmen
-Cain and Rory
-Tynan and .. Beth?! (Mayb!!)

Lisa - (Aussie Girl) Yes,the best part of this series for me is the ensemble cast and all the threads pulling together not so much the romance between the individual couples. There are certainly enough irons in the fire for this series to go for ages.

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