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Dreamland by Sarah Dessen
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Mar 01, 2012

it was amazing

How many different themes can one young adult book cover and while reading it you dont even feel like you are being taught a lesson or learning anything, but afterwards you are left with having read the most eyeopening book. Caitlans life is so easy to be drawn into, you care about her so much. You fall in love with Roberson just as she does and you are equally shocked and confused when everything starts to fall apart. Your heart breaks along with hers and you yourself can not see doing anything different.

Having heard about abuse in relationships, from the outside I have always thought, wow, how do they stay and continue to take it. This book is really eyeopening. It is an inside perspective and you can completely feel how someone would be so incredibly lost and not know what to do when things start happening as they do in this book.

I am honestly still in shock by how incredible this book was. I was in no way expecting when I found it. I started reading and even the beginning makes you feel like its a love story like any other, but you quickly realize that these characters are so deep and things are not at all what they seem.

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