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Lacrimosa by Christine Fonseca
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Mar 01, 2012

really liked it
Read from March 29 to April 04, 2012

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What is a young angel to do when she is sent to kill a demon who turns out to be her lover when she was a human? This is the battle raging inside of Nesy, the angel sent to kill Aydan, a demon. As Nesy goes to kill Aydan she senses something very familiar about him, something that makes her not carry out her killing. The longer she thinks about it and the more she sees Aydan and tries to kill him, the clearer it becomes…Aydan is Adam, the man Nesy loved when she was human. Aydan also senses that Nesy is more than just an angel trying to kill him, she seems to be unable to carry out her kill. Soon he too realizes that she is the same girl he loved as a human. Both are supposed to kill each other, but how can they when they were so in love as humans? Can their feelings for each other resurface and can Aydan turn from a demon back to an angel? What happens if they don’t end each other’s lives, will the other angels and demons do it for them?

Having read the prequel to this book, I was very excited to read it. I was a tiny disappointed when I read how much time had passed between the prequel and this book, but was still very interested in reading it. This book was a good book with lots of action and wonderful characters. I must say though, that I thought the plot line of Nesy not being able to do Aydan in was a bit drawn out. She keeps trying to kill him and just as she is almost to complete the deed, stops and lets him go. This I can see, it adds something to the plot of her inner struggles and her feelings for him, however, this same scene plays out numerous times and I found myself thinking, “here we go again” by the time she tries for the third time. It was like I knew she wouldn’t do it and it was just there to say how she couldn’t do it and how she failed and how she feels bad about not being the Sentinel warrior she is supposed to be. I understand the inner struggle end, but I felt it a bit overdone. On the up side, this book was a good read. It had a great plot and I just LOVED the characters. I felt connected to them and felt for them throughout the book. It was the ultimate good versus evil plot. Aydan seems to do things for Nesy to keep her safe, even if it means his own demise. What better love story is that? I think reading the prequel made this book much better than if I would have picked it up on its own. It added depth to the story and more understanding to the characters and the “feel” of the book. The action, adventure, and the touching love story made up for my feelings about the drawn out areas. All in all this was a very good book that I definitely recommend to anyone who likes some angel/demon reads!

4/5 Stars!
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